Foothills Park

The Foothills Community Association seeks your endorsement for the creation of a natural park to be situated above the developed part of Foothills (Please be assured that any endorsement in no way entails financial commitment.)

Such a park would provide spectacular views over all of Greater Vernon, preserve habitat in an area formally identified as ecologically sensitive, and link to the Grey Canal Trail and thus add to a necklace of parks and trails that serve as a gateway to Silver Star. The area under consideration has spectacular rocky bluffs and already has rough trails which provide access to viewpoints via a nearly flat route, as well as offering more physically demanding paths to access them. It would provide a restful place for peaceful personal renewal where one could enjoy the panoramic views, wildlife in its natural setting and be a destination for tourists.

All of these attributes, we believe, make the park (see proposed outline illustrated below) significant enough to be deemed Sub-Regional, i.e. under the aegis of Greater Vernon (Vernon, Coldstream and Areas B and C together). The proposed footprint is covered almost entirely by wildlife corridors or High Sensitivity zones as identified in the 2014 Environmental Management Areas Strategy produced for governmental guidance. We encourage you to walk the area in question and would be happy to host walkabouts for any interested individuals or groups.

We will present the case for such a park at a meeting of the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee on 5 October. We are doing this now since some of the lands which are vital for this park have been sold recently and may be considered for development. While we are absolutely not opposed to development, we wish to have a portion of these lands preserved for future generations. Your attendance at that meeting would be most welcome as would your endorsement of the idea prior to that date.

Thank you for your consideration!

Wynn Polnicky
Foothills Community Association Parks and Trails Coordinator

P.S. We have been kicking around prospective names for the park – all suggestions are welcome!