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BeeSAFE Outreach

BeeSAFE sign for lawn or gatewayBeeSAFE has the goal of helping farmers currently growing GMO crops, to shift toward non-chemical agriculture. Some farmers agree with BeeSAFE. We want to open discussion with all who grow or have grown GMO, and invite them to contact BeeSAFE

Bee SAFE is a movement that works to improve health, the environment and local economies by increasing access to local food that is safe for the bees and for us. Our ability to grow safe food is compromised by genetically modified crops, which cross-pollinate with traditional and organic crops (and even with wild plants of same family), as well as by the dangerous pesticides used to grow these crops.

By growing more local safe food and spending more of our food dollars locally, we can go a long way towards building a creative rural economy that protects water and farmland while creating jobs in a variety of sectors. Get a Bee SAFE sign to show our elected officials that our community wants them to ban GMO and support safe agriculture!

Bee SAFE's office was located in downtown Lumby, but closed this in October 2012 and will spend all efforts and funds on outreach, as described in the beginning of this page.

We offer information on:

  • how to grow food without pesticides
  • how to avoid GMO foods
  • how to plan menus using local seasonal ingredients
  • local skills, products and tools available to be shared, and 
  • we can even help you start to plan your own local food related business!


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