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Q&A - Question 6

6. Healing Our Forests:

How will your party strike a balance between RESTORING (not just protecting) the ecological integrity of Canada’s forests (especially the massive boreal forest region) and the need for an economically and environmentally sustainable forestry sector?


After visiting Interfor mill at Adams Lake this week, I see the valuable role that technology can have in the forestry sector. Interfor is progressive in using the world class innovations that have been developed locally (they refer to Salmon Arm as the “Silicon Valley” of the forestry industry). Through innovation the industry can be both environmentally and economically sustainable.


As our environment changes, so too must the forestry industry.  The Federal Government needs to work alongside as a partner to ensure that Canadian Forestry continues to succeed, while meeting the HIGHEST environmental and sustainability standards.  A New Democrat government will support value-added Canadian wood products .  We will boost reforestation efforts to strengthen our climate resilience and ensure the sustainability of the forestry sector.  We will help protect  communities through forest management to mitigate forest fire risk, including by combatting the spread of the mountain pine beetle and improving coordination of fire prevention efforts across all level of government.


While aware of the challenges facing the BC Forest industry, we continue to support the economic and environmental needs of Canadians. We also recognize the need to maintain and support the forest industry especially with the proposed USMC agreement. At this point the PPC is evaluating options based on the finalization of the agreement.


Old growth forest is to be kept untouched.

Restore forests where clear cutting was applied and re-seeding / re-planting did not (sufficiently) occur.

“Export of raw logs” must be turned into “export of the valuable finished product”: dimensional lumber.

Many studies have taken place regarding the methods used in logging. Clear-cutting is not sustainable. Not only for the forest, but also for everything in it: bio-diversity, wild-life, watersheds, … We must apply the recommendations that exist on forest stewardship!


The Conservative Party is committed to updating Canada’s strategy to protect our forests and the good jobs in forestry industries from invasive species and pests by reviewing and updating the Invasive Alien Species Strategy for Canada, as well as the invasive species action plans. A Conservative government will also build on the important work that is done by Parks Canada to control pest species that pose a substantial threat to forest and health.

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