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Alternatives to *Stuff*

Group Activities - Outdoors

  • Horseback ride
  • Skating, toboganning, skiing, hockey, tubing, snowshoeing
  • Sleigh ride
  • Ice fishing and campfire / meal at cabin
  • Canoeing / kayaking

Group Activities - Indoors

  • Theme dinner (ethnic, fondue, …)
  • Theatre or concert
  • Baking / decorating (gingerbread, chocolate, truffle,…)
  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Handmade articles (below)

Xmas cardsHandmade Articles

  • Baking, canning, granola
  • Bulk frozen dinners
  • Wreaths / swags
  • Beeswax candles
  • Sewn fabric shopping bags, aprons, bean bags
  • Knitting
  • Packaged seeds
  • Divided flower bulbs
  • Song / poem writing & performance
Contribute to the grandkids’ sports or recreation program fees
Give the “Good Food Box”- contact the Family Resource Centre at the People Place in Vernon - 250-545-3390
Give time in a “Maker Lab”/workshop – teach kids skills that will last a lifetime
Make a power point of the year and then invite family and friends over for dinner. After the meal, watch the show together.
Volunteer your time to help seniors through the nexusBC, “Better At Home” program: driving to appointments or grocery shopping, doing minor home repairs, doing light yard work, shovelling snow, etc.  
Commit to taking a friend out for coffee once every two weeks for a year
Print photos from the year and fill a photo frame with them or make a photo book of memories
Re-gift unwanted gifts
Trade services (e.g. rototilling) or items you no longer need/use 
Offer to detail (wash and vacuum) someone’s vehicle for them
Make bath bombs for a relaxing soak
Jobs, chores, window/cupboard cleaning
Make a donation to a charity of receiver’s interest

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