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September 2019 monthly Meeting - Candidates' Forum

Thu, Sep 26, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

Attendees were encouraged to come early to read the answers to ‘green’ questions provided by the S.E.N.S. to all candidates in August.

Environmental All-Candidates Forum

(click picture to see candidate's Q&A)

Cindy DerkazHarwinder SandhuKyle DelfingMarc ReinarzMel Arnold

— moderated by Betty Selin —
Betty Selin

Candidate answers are available here on the SENS website. Click on a candidate's photo to see all their answers. Links to each question with all candidates' answers are listed below (scroll down). There are pages for all questions by candidate, as well as for all candidates by question, linked often to each other for easy cross-reference.

This is how the evening progressed:
a. Early arrivals could peruse large sheets on the walls at the back of the hall containing the questions and all candidates' answers (enlarged for easy reading).
b. A timer allowed 2 minutes for each candidate to introduce themselves and answer this question: What will your priorities be for promoting resilience and environmental sustainability in the local area?
c. Candidates had 5 green cards each, to forfeit for any question from the floor that they choose to answer.
d. A question from the floor could be answered by any candidate. at which time one green card each was relinquished by them. 
e. Questioners were allowed 30 sec to speak; responders were allowed 1 minute. A bell was used by the timer.
f. All questions from the floor were required to be related to resilience, sustainability and the environment. No questions on an already mentioned topic were accepted.
g. Each candidate was allowed a 1 minute closing statement with the possibility of answering a question they did not get a chance to answer earlier.
h. The evening closed at 9:30pm, although candidates remained on site for more informal discussions with small groups.

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