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Shuswap River Boating Regulation Process

Upper River Boat Regulations document


— Background —

In 2014, the Regional District of the North Okanagan (RDNO) completed a Shuswap River Watershed Sustainability Plan that defines problems and suggests solutions.

Already 62 wildlife species are of management concern in the watershed's fragile ecosystems.

Motorized recreation is one among the many human activities that need to be addressed. This includes motorboats and jet boats. Various misrepresentations about motorboats are dispelled here.

Since then, RDNO has sought input regarding motor boat regulations, but no decision was taken because feedback was contradictory. This time around RDNO has committed to taking action based on the outcome of a negotiations process among the various stakeholders.

Below, see Attachments and URLs (links to documents) pertaining to Pro River Coalition's participation in NORD's process of negotiation.

Below that list is an index of links to other relevant pages on this web site.



 I do not believe that wake boats should be allowed on the river. I have watched  this past weekend as several of them raced up and down creating waves as high as 4 feet and rocking everything on the shore.  I do not like the speed boats or the jetskies but I don’t believe they are as harmful as boats that are designed to create waves.  

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