1. The name of the Society is Sustainable Environment Network Society.
  2. The purposes of the Society are:
    1. To work towards a healthy sustainable environment for our community.
    2. To protect diversity by
      1. educating the public and all levels of government about the need to foster a sustainable environment
      2. constructively opposing destruction of habitats and utilization of products that harm biodiversity and the sustainability of the environment
      3. encouraging experimental work and research and legislation aimed at finding solutions to problems related tot he destruction of biodiversity and the sustainability of our community’s environment
      4. coordinating activities and sharing information with other local, provincial and national environmental organizations
      5. soliciting and raising money and receiving gifts, bequests, donations and legacies to be used for the furtherance of the objects of the Society.
  3. Upon winding up or dissolution of the Society, the assets which remain after payment of all costs, charges, and expenses which are properly incurred in the winding up shall be distributed to such charitable organization or organizations in British Columbia having a similar charitable purpose. This provision shall be unalterable.