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Crochet Mushrooms

Amigurumi (pinterest)Raine SimonWant to make things with yarn but unable to commit to knitting?
Two needles too much to handle?
Looking for something to do while watching movies or TV? Crochet might be what you are looking for! 
Using one crochet hook and two types of stitches, you can whip up one of these cute little mushrooms in a pinch!

What you need:

  • One crochet hook (size depends on the yarn, as thicker yarn requires a larger hook)
  • Coloured yarn
  • White yarn (yarn can be any kind, but I recommend acrylic yarn)

To Begin:

It does not matter if you are starting the cap or the stem, as they both begin the same way, with what people call “The Magic Circle”:
  1. Make a loop with the yarn around two fingers so that it makes a cross.
  2. Pick up the #2 string by going underneath #1.
  3. Keep the loop you just made on the hook then grab the yarn again.
  4. Now that we have the starter stitch, repeat the method of going under #1 to grab #2.
  5. Pull the yarn you grabbed through the loop to create the “single stitch”.
  6. Repeat this grab and pull method 5 more times to make 6 single stitches.
  7. Once we have a 6 stitch chain, pull on the tail to tighten the circle.
  8. To finish, find the first single stitch on the chain, and go through it to grab and pull the yarn through.

The Stitches:

Single Stitch: The starting stitch, makes a neat, tight pattern, but can be slow.

Double Stitch: Use this for a bumpier pattern, and to fill space quickly. You can swap where it calls for a single stitch with this double stitch anytime.

Extra Stitch: To add an extra stitch so that you have a larger amount of stitches, and the row/ring you are working on grows larger.

The Cap:

Now that we have the magic circle made, we are going to start making the cap. As we go around the circle adding stitches, the cap will get larger. The trick to shaping the cap is in counting your stitches and adding an extra stitch every 3-5 stitches. This way, the rings that construct the cap get larger and larger the farther we get down.

  • Follow along the first chain with the single stitch.
  • When you get 3 stitches in, instead of continuing on to the next stitch, stay and add an extra stitch in the same spot.
  • When the cap starts to have a definite shape, add the extra stitch every 5 stitches so that the cap doesn’t get too flat right away.

The Stem:

This is the easy one because it is pretty much a tube. Once you have your magic circle, instead of continuing the next row with 1 single stitch, we are going to do 2 stitches for each stitch in the magic circle. That means if we start with 6 stitches in the first row, when we finish the second row we will have doubled in stitches, giving us 12.

Then once we have a flat bottom for the stem, simply continue as normal without adding any extra stitches as this will naturally create a tube shape. Feel free to switch to the double stitch to get a different pattern or simply get it done faster. 

The best thing about crocheting is that even if you aren’t exact with your stitches, odds are it will still probably turn out! 

Improvisation works well with crocheting once you get to know how it works and what the stitches are, and can lead to more creative and unique pieces.

Which means you don’t need a pattern! Using these stitch methods you can make anything!

If you are struggling with any of these steps at any time, there are plenty of free, helpful crochet videos on youtube to visually guide you through, or more step-by-step instructions can be found on the web!

Happy Creating!


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