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Q&A - Kyle Delfing

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Everyone in Canada should have the right to clean air and a safe, healthy environment. In early May, SENS asked all candidates to sign a pledge to uphold this right.

a) Explain why you signed the pledge.

On behalf of The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) I have signed and submitted the petition. We support and endorse a clean and healthy environment for all Canadians.

b) Should you NOT be elected, what will you do locally to support everyone’s right to clean air and a safe, healthy environment?

[No answer]

2. Jobs:

a) Multinational industries have a major influence on Canadian health, jobs, and laws. They can, through NAFTA, receive ‘damage’ costs AND pollute our air, soil and waters with impunity if they can show that our environmental laws impact their ability to make money. What will you do about this?

The PPC believes in protecting our environment and will continue to be vigilante about monitoring the activity of multinational corporations. The NAFTA (actually USMC) has not been signed by the US yet. Until it is finalize it is premature to determine actual impact. As currently presented, it appears to be a disaster and blame clearly needs to be placed in the laps of the Liberal Government and the non-negotiating skills of the Freeland Team.

b) There are cases (e.g. Lavington Glass Plant and Nanaimo logging company) where a multinational company buys a Canadian company, then later (possibly having run it into the ground) closes it down to conserve jobs in another country. We lose well-paying jobs. How would you act to prevent this happening in the first place?

With respect to the emotional outpouring of the questionnaire, the term “running a business into the ground” hardly applies to the Lavington Glass Plant. The PPC promises to lower corporate taxes and will eliminate the Carbon Tax. These two commitments to business will allow failing businesses to compete on the world stage, while generating profits and subsequently creating long-term employment, for businesses such as the Lavington Glass Plant.

c) For similar dollar investments, when 2 jobs are generated in the oil/gas industry, 15 jobs are generated in alternative energy (ref: Solar Living Sourcebook). According to the International Monetary Fund, our current governments pay subsidies of about $34 billion PER YEAR to the oil and gas industry (Tyee, May 15/14). Given the job benefits coming from alternative energy, what are you prepared to do to encourage jobs in alternative energy and to deal with oil and gas industry subsidies?

The PPC will continue to support the need to maintain a clean and healthy environment, not only for this generation but also for future generations to follow. However, we will not commit to increasing jobs in green energy based on oil and gas industry subsidies, nor will we base labour allocation on a ratio derived from the Solar Living Manual. Jobs to protect the environment will be based on identified need.

The PPC, focus is on economic opportunities to encourage business and create jobs, while protecting our environment. Recent reports indicate that renewable energy, is proving to be inefficient, and having a negative impact on our environment. The German experience has proven that solar panels and wind turbines only work to 33% capacity. To make matters worse, a solar panel requires massive amounts of minerals, including silver. Currently half a billion ounces of silver are used in everything from solar panels to light switches, if we increase our dependency on “ green” energy we will have to increase mining activity meet the increased silver demands, creating environmental challenges.

Climate Change is real and happening around us all the time now. According to the UN, we only have 12 years to act before positive feedback loops create ever increasing wild and unexpected weather and global warming. It has already impacted locals due to health and business loss last year during the fires.

Climate Change is indeed real. It has been real and ongoing for millions of years. However Climate Change caused by Carbon(C)(CO2) is based on flawed models that have consistently failed at correctly predicting disasters. None of the cataclysmic predictions since 1970 have come true and this current hysteria or the “12 year window” is also going to fail.

a) What are you doing now, and what will you do to mitigate this disaster to reduce suffering of locals and other Canadians?

There is no pending disaster in 12 years, however the PPC will continue to work to ensure that the Environment is protected. The PPC will prioritize implementing practical solutions to make Canada’s air, water, and soil cleaner.

b) What will you do to ensure that carbon polluters (of air, water, land) will pay? B.C. did better than the rest of the provinces despite introduction of a carbon tax. What are your thoughts?

The PPC does not recognize that carbon is a pollutant and sees carbon as a key component in many chemical molecular building blocks including CO2. The PPC does not validate the current CO2 hysteria.

c) Many (companies/people) choose not to rethink, refuse, reduce or reuse because action will cost billions…but the cost of NOT dealing with climate change will cost trillions.  What will you do about it?

The cost of the climate change myth has already cost the taxpayer over a Trillion dollars, for climate hysteria targets that never materialized. The PPC
• Will withdraw from the Paris Accord and will abandon unrealistic greenhouse gas emission targets.
• Stop sending billions of dollars to developing countries for reduction of their emissions.
• Abolish subsidies for green technology and let private players develop profitable and efficient alternatives.
• Invest in mitigation strategies if problems arise as a result of any natural climate change.

The Canada Health Agency has allowed use of Chlorpyrifos pesticide (on many fruits and vegetables) despite scientific evidence showing it can irreversibly impact children’s brain development and hormonal systems. They also still allow use of Roundup. Roundup’s active ingredient glyphosate “may rather be the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have become prevalent in Westernized societies” (Peer Reviewed Scientific Journal “Entropy”). Other supposedly inert ingredients in Roundup have now been proven to be deadly to human cells, particularly embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells (Scientific American). Forestry in BC uses it heavily to kill all deciduous trees (shown to deter forest fires when part of a mixed pine/fir/cedar forest). Roundup is now in our underground and surface water and our soil.

If elected would you ban Chlorpyrifos and also follow the example of the Netherlands and other countries which have banned Roundup? Explain.

The PPC has a commitment to prioritize implementation of practical solutions to make Canada’s air, water and soil cleaner.

A United Nations report called “Wake up before it's too late” calls for the transformation of agriculture saying we need “a rapid and significant shift from conventional, monoculture-based and high-external-input-dependent industrial production toward mosaics of sustainable, regenerative production systems that also considerably improve the productivity of small-scale farmers”.

If elected would you work to make this change happen in our region and if so, how would you go about transforming our agriculture?

The PPC supports and encourages the small independent farmers. The PPC will not pander to large corporations, which make it impossible for the small independent businessman to succeed. We encourage entrepreneurship and the small independent farmer.

How will your party strike a balance between RESTORING (not just protecting) the ecological integrity of Canada’s forests (especially the massive boreal forest region) and the need for an economically and environmentally sustainable forestry sector?

While aware of the challenges facing the BC Forest industry, we continue to support the economic and environmental needs of Canadians. We also recognize the need to maintain and support the forest industry especially with the proposed USMC agreement. At this point the PPC is evaluating options based on the finalization of the agreement.

Transportation is one of Canada’s largest greenhouse gas emitters. 

a) Would you do as Norway did (well over $1 trillion US collected so far) and use carbon taxes for social and environmental initiatives (green spending and compensation for those who are disproportionally affected by a CO2 levy)?  Explain.

The PPC would eliminate the carbon tax.

b) How would you approach the ‘elephant in the room’  - people who travel a lot by air, which greatly increases carbon emissions?

The PPC does not support the carbon emissions myth. Therefore air travel remains a choice.
However it is bewildering to many of us, as to why air travel or any travel linked to fossil fuels is acceptable for the elite few who do not practice what they preach, such as our own, David Suzuki. It appears that the carbon emission issue applies only to those who cannot afford to buy their own jets. Elitisms reigns in this new world order. Nothing has changed.

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