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Interests - Local Residents & Property Owners - LOWER River

Constituency Representative: Hermann Bruns <>

This constituency consists of people who reside or own property in the RDNO and value the Shuswap River for the essential role it plays in the ecology of the watershed. While the river provides numerous functional services for human residents, it also has values like peace, tranquility, and beauty that can’t be quantified. Recreational activities must be balanced with other river values and respect both human and non-human inhabitants.


  1. Respect for all river ecology and other natural values
    - respect means understanding and experiencing natural values
    - travelling slowly and quietly allows for this respect to develop
  2. Respect for the human and non-human inhabitants living along the river
    - respect means understanding that other people and wildlife live along the river
    - travelling slowly and quietly allows for more equal sharing with the other inhabitants

  3. Natural water quality and clarity
    - boat wake causes unnatural and excessive turbidity
    - unnatural turbidity has significant environmental and aesthetic impact
  4. Natural ecology
    - the long-term health of the river is dependent on maintaining the natural ecology
    - non-motorized recreation has a much lower per person impact on river ecology

  5. Peace, tranquility, and aesthetics
    - the river provides an opportunity for people to truly re-create
    - one power boat can deprive people of the opportunity to experience these values

  6. Respect for traditional indigenous uses
    - respect means being aware of indigenous fishing, hunting, trapping, and canoe travel
    - low speed travel allows us to reconnect with these traditions

  7. Minimizing wake-induced erosion
    -  all boat wake is an unnatural force that causes shoreline erosion and property loss
    - recreation on the river must be regulated to eliminate wake

  8. Minimizing noise pollution
    - people can have quiet enjoyment of their riverside properties
    - riparian and aquatic life can develop unimpeded

  9. Minimizing petroleum smells and residues
    - pollution of air and water from motors disrupts residents’ enjoyment of the river
    - non-motorized recreation is free of petroleum byproducts

  10. Cultivating an appreciation for inherent natural values of the river
    - the river has values far beyond that of a surface for speed and adrenaline sports
    - non-motorized recreation activities allow for such appreciation to develop

  11. Improving the value of riverside properties
    - riverside residents appreciate the non-monetary values of their properties
    - properties will be more valuable next to a healthy, natural river

  12. Restoring the health of the riparian zone
    - the riparian zone is a critical habitat adjacent to the river
    - disturbance from wake and noise can affect the long-term health of this habitat

I communicate with my constituents via telephone, emails and face to face meetings.
Hermann Bruns

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