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Interests - Non-motorized Watercraft Enthusiasts - LOWER River

Constituency Representative: Rick Smith 250 838-5725 <>
[Alt. Miles Hopkins] 250 542-1632 <>
We are pro-river recreationists who use many non-motorized variations of canoes, kayaks, white-water rafts, stand-up paddle-boards, rowboats, pedal-boats, and various fishing watercraft like inflatable pontoon rowboats and hybrid pedal-kayaks.


  1. Minimizing our footprint on the ecological health and integrity of the river.
  2. Safety, spatial separation and respect for others. Many of us can use the river at one time without disturbing others because we move slowly downstream like traffic on a one-way street. Motor boats moving at high speed in the opposite direction encounter every one of us on that section of river, diminishing our experience and exposing us to danger.

  3. A natural, unspoiled, river experience free from the noises and stresses of modern life.

  4. Viewing wildlife and quietly slipping past without disturbing them.

  5. A relaxed fishing experience without motor-boat interruptions, disturbed fishing lines or frightened fish.

  6. Clear, clean water with no man-caused sedimentation or gasoline residues.

  7. A wide range of river classes from class 1 to 4. For safety and paddling ease, it is best if the river classes descend from 4 to 1 progressively downstream as they do on the Lower Shuswap River.


We communicate primarily by email, but also by phone and personal contact. Our general email updates are coordinated through the Pro-River Coalition, but we also send constituency-specific updates if there is value.

Rick Smith & Miles Hopkins

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