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March 2019 monthly Meeting & AGM

Thu, Mar 28, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave
Preserving our Farmland for Food
— a Conversation with Richard Bullock —

Richard BullockRichard Bullock is a Kelowna agriculturalist. He has served as president of the BC Fruit Growers Association, BC Tree Fruits Ltd., and Sunripe Products Ltd. as well as the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. He is also a former chair of the Agricultural Land Commission.

His main point at first was that the governance model for the ALC will be changing much for the better. Currently an individual (like G.A.) can submit an application for a modification of ALR status (e.g. non-farm use, removal). Although it must pass the local government, their tendency is to rubber stamp it and let the ALC decide. When the new legislation passes, only the local government or the Province may make such application, which means that they will be more obliged to solicit popular support and to think through the planning.

After that, it became clear he’s an industrial farmer at heart, and would find it “bliss” to live beside a cherry orchard in spite of (surely not because of) the noise and pesticides. He stated that we have to “feed the world” and so sees no anomaly between climate change and the constant importation/exportation of food.


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