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October 2018 Newsletter


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1.Make It Night”: October 25th, 7 pm, Schubert Centre in Vernon. Join us and learn how to reduce throwaway containers via short demos on making boomerang shopping bags, shampoo, hand creams, all purpose cleaners, tooth cleaning oil, garden help sprays, and more! Ideas will be low cost and involved safe ingredients. If you would like to share your‘make it’ recipes, please contact Julia, ASAP. And, if you can spare Calendula flowers for others who might wish to make hand cream, please bring a bag (dried already or just picked on a hottish day)!

2. Handmade Holiday: Nov 17th, 12 – 3 pm, Schubert Centre. Please contact Julia atjblissau@telus.netif you have an idea to share that will assist people in making, not buying, items as Xmas gifts.

3. Clean Air Discussion/Brainstorm Night: Nov 22nd, 7 pm, Schubert Centre. Details to follow.

4. Climate Action:The September 27 eve had about 100 engaged citizens attending and taking part with loads of positive ideas that all of us need to embrace and take to our politicians for action so all future generations benefit. The ‘Breakout’ results should soon be on the SENS website: Please disseminate widely.


1. Farmers’ Markets: 

Vernon:Monday and Thursdays, 8 am – 1 pm, Kal Tire Place then indoors on Fridays for the winter.

Lumby:Open year-round, Monashee Food Co-op, #3-1965, Shuswap Ave.

GMO and pesticide free produce! Information is on their website.

2. North Okanagan Naturalists: October 3rd, 7:00 pm, Vernon’s Village Green Hotel, on 27th Street. Marcus Atkins will update everyone on rattlesnake research at Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.

3. Food Action Society of the Okanagan (FASNO):

a) The Dispossessed: A documentary film screening, October 24, 7 – 8:30 pm Vernon Library. Find out about the global food crisis as it relates to the economic crisis, rural exodus, dwindling natural resources… 

b) Cultivating Change:October 27, 1 – 4 pm, Okanagan College Theatre. Numerous speakers will inspire you with partial ideas for sustainable living. Suggested donation ($25) tickets available soon. Proceeds support food literacy programming in our community.

4.Climate Change in Our Hands: This strategy/campaign is the brainchild of West Coast Environmental Law. They aim to help communities to demand accountability for climate change-related costs from the fossil fuel industry. Over 10 municipalities have already sent climate accountability letters to the fossil fuel companies. Ask your council to get involved so your taxes are not impacted! Check out the website!You can also check out the Resources page,which has more helpful info for community groups.

5.Biodiversity Seminar Series in Kelowna (BRAES):This Seminar series is back this year, being held every Wednesday from 12 - 1 pm in RHS 129 at UBCO. The seminars are live streamed from UBC Vancouver. The Series features world-class researchers from all around the world in topics like: biodiversity, ecology, and evolution, among others. Don’t miss this big opportunity! Coffee & cookies 11:50 am; seminar startsat noon. For an updated schedule, go to the braaes.ok.ubc.cawebsite.

6.Kikinee Festival:Join Allan Brooks Nature Centre at Coldstream Partk October 10, 10 – 2 for a salmon festival featuring salmon education, first nations traditions, crafts, fun and more. Space limited, so contact


1. Hobbit House Builder:Checkitout!

2. Climate Change:We just experienced two of the worst forest fire seasons in B.C.’s history! Despite a decline, Vancouver Island is losing about 10,000 hectares a year to logging. Our orca and salmon populations are in crisis! And as Andrew Weaver pointed out in hisspeech at the Union of B.C. Municipalities in September, the reality of climate change is literally hitting home. municipal elections just around the corner, ask your local council candidates if they're listening!

3. Species at Risk Legislation:Thislegislationwill fulfill the Province’s commitment to reduce adverse impacts on B.C.’s most vulnerable species. Phase 3, an intentions paper, issued for public comment in the fall of 2018, will outline specific details of B.C.’s proposed species at risk legislation. The deadline for input is December 1st, 2018. Join the discussion here.

4. Teck Resources Frontier Mine:…major damage to water, climate, downstream indigenous communities’ food sources, land of endangered caribou/bison ,… almost 300 km2 trees to be cut down… Wood Buffalo Park may lose its UNESCO status…Details here:


AVAAZ.ORG(Social media)

1. Monsanto Subpoena Crushed:Last month, Monsanto tried to subpoena Avaaz to get all e-mails, etc from all who used Avaaz. But then the Avaaz community got involved. Over 200,000 people donated, and they hired the best lawyer in the business-- Andrew Celli, who has taken on cases like this before and won. He and his team worked with the Avaaz team to write a ridiculously great take-down of the Monsanto subpoena. It's long and legalistic, but if you speak that language, it's a thing of beauty - you can read it here!


1. Protecting Marine Species and Habitat: The federal government formally announced the creation of the Scott Islands National Wildlife Area and its designated boundaries recently. That’s welcome news for the highest concentration of breeding seabirds in Canada’s Pacific. Half the world’s Cassin’s auklets nest there. The small island chain sustains 40% of B.C. seabirds, 90% of Canada’s tufted puffins, and 95% of Pacific Canada’s common murre. The announcement is an important step in shaping how Canada will protect marine species and habitat. To read the entire article, go here.


1. Action Alert: Our Water BC is asking British Columbians to defend against drought by sending a letterto their MLAs and key ministers.

2. River IQ Game: Think you know B.C.'s waters? Test your River IQwith this fun new game from Our Water BC.


1. Climate Action Solutions:Scary impacts of the growing climate crisis are in the news every day – from storms, to coastal flooding, to the increased risk of Lyme disease, to future mass forest deaths due to wildfires.Also given what is at stake, our continued inability to fight this crisis with resolve, courage, and national solidarity is also pretty scary.But in the face of this crisis and fraught political debate, we need to be more than scared. We've got to be smart. And, asthisarticleshows, we're going to need to act quickly if we are serious about averting the climate impacts to come!


Federal Carbon tax:This tax is actually designed to bring climate change under control. It would improve our health by taking action on wildfires and smoke, higher temperatures, loss of potable water and more. Funds brought in are put towards reducing air pollution (via transit, electric cars, buildings with energy efficiency etc). CAPE’s petition urges the new Ontario Government to recognize the true costs of climate change to health of residents, tax payers and future generations.


1.Lawsuit to Protect Coastal Orca:Ecojustice recently celebrated the Federal Court of Appeal’s decision to quash the federal government’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline project. The ruling is good news for the iconic Southern Resident killer whales facing imminent threats to their survival and recovery! Just 74 remain. To further capitalize on this positive momentum, Ecojustice launched a lawsuit to secure an emergency order to protect the Southern Residents. How did they fare? Find out by reading thisupdate.

And,recent news is that Federal Government will send the National Energy Board back to review shipping impacts of the expansion. The government will only allow 155 days and no-one knows who will be allowed to sparticipate ort how mitigation on the threats to the killer whales might happen.


2. Lawsuit to Protect Wild Salmon: Ecojustice lawyers have gone to court to fight for wild salmon again! This time they will be representing the ‘Namgis First Nation against the D.F.O. and multinational fish-farm operators. This hearing comes at a critical juncture — wild salmon populations are in decline, and the Southern Residents orcas who depend on them for sustenance are in peril! For details and an update, go here.

FROM IISD(International Institute for Sustainable Development)

1. The Multiple Benefits of Natural Infrastructure:In June, Canada announced CAD 1.8 million in funding to restore 75 hectares of salt marshes to combat rising sea levels in Eastern Canada's Bay of Fundy.This is encouraging news, as it signals an increasing effort to mainstream natural infrastructure,which provides multiple benefits such as cleaner water, biodiversity, carbon storage, and enhanced flood damage mitigation!Seizing that momentum through more strategic investments in natural infrastructure will help us ensure that we harness the best of what nature has to offer without putting more strain on an already stressed planet.For the full article, gohere.

2.Innovations in Carbon Pricing: Thispaperconsiders how carbon pricing club members could govern their interactions to ensure balanced emission reductions... Check it out!

3. The Cost of Moving Water: The large-scale transfer of water from one basin to another brings major economic, social, and environmental impacts. Find out what they are by going here.

4.Paying for Toxic Soil Cleanup: Around the world, industrial and agricultural land needs substantial remediation. That carries a hefty bill, asChinahas discovered.

5. Building Back Better: In the aftermath of a severe storm, a focus on resilience building can be useful in four key ways. Readthisto find out what they are! 

6. NGO Leaders Call for Canada to go Waste-Free: Check out their media release here.

7. How to Make Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform Happen:Gohereto find out!

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck

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