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November 2018 Newsletter

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1. 7thAnnual Handmade Holiday Gifting Event: Nov 17th, 12 – 3 pm, Schubert Centre. Come, bring the kids, and experience short, easy, but cost effective demos for foods, toys, knitting, candles, soaps and more! Let’s get away from consumerism and put the heart back into the holidays! Schubert Centre’s Thrift Store will be open.Bring any unwanted craft items/magazines etc for the “free” table!

2. B.C. Wildfires and Your Health: Nov 22nd, 7 pm, Schubert Centre. Dr Michael Mehta, environmental social scientist from Thompson Rivers University, is our speaker. He will focus on community resistance, resiliency, social innovation and citizen science. Come out and hear his ‘top 10’ actions to reduce risk. Everyone welcome! Bring your questions and ideas!

On a related topic, in British Columbia Burning, by Bethany Lindsay, is the quote: …”12 % increase in lightning strikes for every degree of warming; almost 40% of forest fires in B. C. are started by lighting.” The Fall CAPE E-news update has much information on Climate Health and Policy – check it out!

3. Climate Action: This September 27th eve had about 100 engaged citizens attending and taking part with loads of positive ideas that all of us need to embrace and take to our politicians for action so all future generations benefit! The ‘Breakout’ results are here. Please disseminate them widely.

4. “Make It” October 25 – Recipes from each presenter will be on the SENS website soon ish…

5.Watershed Interpretive Centre: Presentation, November 6, 7 pm, Mabel Lake Community Hall by SENS director Huguette Allen. Huguette is working with Mabel Lake Community Club to create and present plans for a Watershed Interpretive Centre on the grounds of Tolley Park near the Hall on the banks of the Middle Shuswap River. You are welcome to attend and help discuss possible programming activities, give input, or suggest partnerships for the construction phases.


1. Farmers’ Markets: 

Vernon: Kal Tire Place, Noon – 4 pm, indoors on Fridays for the winter.
Customer Appreciation Day : November 12, 9am – 6 pm, Vernon Rec Centre.
Lumby: Open year-round, Monashee Food Co-op, #3-1965, Shuswap Ave.
GMO and pesticide free produce! Information is on their website.
2. North Okanagan Naturalists Meeting: 7:00 pm, Vernon’s Village Green Hotel, on 27thStreet. Biologist Marg Sidney will speak on Gardom Lake.

3. Green Drinks:Monday November 12th, 5 – 7 pm, Marten Brew Pub 2933a 30thAve in Vernon These are informal gatherings of those in the environmental field, but open to all. Attend and enjoy the flow of ideas and make new contacts. Contact Mattfor more information.

4. ActionBlue Dot:Vernon and RDNO are Blue Dot support communities There are now 172 municipalities – half of Canada’s population - that support environmental rights.. Please ask your MPto demonstrate their support for environmental rights with a pledge. MP Mel Arnold was presented with the latest UN report on catastrophic climate change via and Council of Canadians last week so he should, by now, be aware of citizens’ concerns and have been asked to take action.


1.a) Goats for Weed Control: Calgary is taking advantage of goats to avoid unnecessary spraying for weeds. Google all the details!

b)Small Electric Cars:

c) DIY Greenhouse:

d) Off-grid Quebec Earthship:

2. Help Stop Teck’s proposed Frontier Mine: This tar sands project, the largest tar sands proposal ever, must not be approved. From drawing and contaminating vast amounts of fresh water, to the resulting drastic increase of greenhouse gas emissions, to the serious impact on the health and well-being of people living in downstream communities–the devastating consequences of approving this mine would be felt for generations to come. Please call on Prime Minister Trudeau and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to reject Teck’s proposed Frontier mine.

3.Proportional Representation:It should mean that our environment is better managed and protected from pillage because everyone’s views are represented. Check this site for evaluation of misinformation by two of Canada's top electoral reform experts:ProRepFactCheck.caA ProRep presentation will be provided Nov 8, 7 pm at the Vernon library should you be interested.


Northern BC Drought: They are still in stage 4 droughtIf freezing occurs before streams, soil moisture and groundwater levels recharge, the risk is that the drought will continue into next year.


1. NAFTA 2.0:First off, the good news. Those unfair dispute settlement provisions that once allowed U.S. corporations to sue Canada for passing laws that infringed on their corporate profits are now gone. There are also some promising signs of improved labour standards too! The bad news: NAFTA 2.0 opens Canada’s market to more U.S. dairy products, including products that contain the banned bovine growth hormone (BGH). There will also be increased deregulation to accelerate approvals for massive pipelines to be built. Finally, patents on pharmaceuticals have also been extended, which will mean higher drug prices for longer! For the entire article, gohere.

2. Action on Synthetic Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH):As noted above, we could soon see Monsanto’s concerningBGH flood into grocery stores across the country. Even worse, Canada is on the verge of ratifying the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This sweeping 11-nation trade agreement would force us to further open the door to milk imported from countries that, like the U.S., permit the use of BGH. Canada's decision not to license BGH is just one of many of our higher safety standards that are threatened by these new trade agreements – and the Government of Canada must now stand firm in upholding it.Sign the petition calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to keep this harmful synthetic hormone out of Canada.

FROM CCPA (Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives)

1. Mining Disasters and Corporate Power:Judith Marshall is author of this recent studylooking at tailings dam spills in B.C. and Brazil. Check it out!


1. PCN Needs Your Help:A new proposed finances law for charities says that advocacy activities must be incidental to charitable purposes. This means thatPrevent Cancer Nowcannot work mostly on cancer prevention (vs cancer treatment). Because they were formed to try to get rid of causes of cancer and not just treat it, they lack charity status. Please respond to the consultation of this lawand send a letterasking the federal government to follow their consultation reportrecommendations and remove quantified restrictions on non-partisan public policy dialogue for charitable organizations!



1.Action on Methane and LNG:Methane is released in large quantities during fracking – and it’s a major problem because it’s 40 times worse than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas! Send a message to B.C. ‘s government asking for the same or better reductions (40 – 45% over 8 years) than the federal government’s recent action. For the entire article, gohere.

2. Ecosystem Complexity:Thisrecent article discusses a federal government change from recovery of all species at risk to just working on those that are very seriously threatened (big industry loves it!). The whole article is a very thoughtful consideration of so many things we don’t know about interconnections within ecosystems, predator-prey relationships and more. Read it!


1. Toxic Lawn and Garden Pesticides:They’re linked to birth defects, brain cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and more…. yet B.C, Alberta, and Saskatchewan still have no bans to protect any of us! CAPE has released a new reportwhich refutes the myth that municipalities need to use toxic pesticides in parks and green spaces to avoid dandelion apocalypse. Ask your new council to effect a ban locally and ask them to bring this forward to the 2019 UBCM!

FROM IISD(International Institute for Sustainable Development)

1. Ending Government Subsidies to Fossil Fuels: According to thisarticle,to stand a chance of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees, we need a systems change, and we need it fast. In all scenarios, fossil fuels need to be dramatically reduced! A good start would be with fossil fuel subsidy reform (FFSR)...

2. Carbon Pricing Works:This year, the Nobel committee has recognized that carbon pricing works. About time!

3. Transforming Agriculture in Africa and Asia:Find out about the policy options here.

4. Eight Sustainable Tech Wins: From Stockholm to outer space, from blockchain to AI, here are eight greatstoriesof people using technology to build a better planet!

5. More Funding to Tackle Wildlife Trafficking:The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has announced it will increase its funding to combat illegal wildlife trafficking and trade by US$37 million over the next four years! Illegal trade in wildlife generates between US$7 billion to 23 billion per year. For the entire article, go here.

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck



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