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March 2019 Newsletter

MARCH 2019

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1. Preserving Our Farmland: March 28, 7 pm.Vernon’s Schubert Centre. Richard Bullock, orchardist and former ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) chair, talks about how industrial company use of water and ALR land can impact local agriculture and farm food production. Questions and discussion welcome.A VERY! short 5 minute AGM will be held immediately before Mr Bullock’s talk.


1. Farmers’ Markets: Vernon:Kal Tire Place, Fridays, 11 am – 3 pm, indoors for the winter. 

Lumby:Monashee Food Co-op, Shuswap Ave, year-round.

GMO and pesticide free produce! Check out their website.

Armstrong:Saturdays, 9 am – 1 pm, Odd Fellows Hall, Bridge St., until March or later.

2.North Okanagan Naturalists Club (NONC) March 6th, 7 pm Meeting:  Village Green Hotel. Carrie Nadeau will speak on Flooding Impacts and Restoration Planning in the Lower Nicola: Case Study Guichon Creek. Also, mark your calendars for NONC’s annual bluebird nestbox monitoring workshop, April 6, Vernon public library.

3.Beyond Climate: A timely, touching and hopeful documentary that looks at how climate change is affecting us here in the valley and around B.C., and how we can turn this around.Thursday,March 7, 6 – 9:30 pm, Commons Lecture Hall, UBCO. $10 per person.Click here for registration. The film screening will also include Q and A with Dr David Suzuki. More here:

4. Vernon Climate Action Group: Here’s some reading for you to think about:

(a) Impact of the IPCC Report:Thisarticleshows that there are many out there taking action!

(b) COP24 Takeaways:Here'sthe mixed results from the world climate summit in Poland. 

(c) Extinction Rebellion: Here'sthe international response to the species extinction we're causing!

(d) Youth Strikes:Here's a great storyabout how youth worldwide skipped school for the climate!

5.Mark Your Calendars for April 1stto get tickets!- 2019 Eco-friendly Home Tour  Saturday May 4th.  10 am - 4 pm.   CFUW’s fifth tour will include two net zero energy homes, one East Hill retrofit, and an adaptive re-use in downtown Vernon.  Tickets $25 (cash only) at Vernon’s Bean Scene as of April 1st. All proceeds support scholarships for local kids. For more info:  or  or 778 475 2255.   


1. YouTube:

(a) House with no Interior Insulation:Checkitout!(b) Off-Grid Inventions:Checkitout!

(c) Micro-Hydro in Nepal:Checkitout!(d) Modern Earthship:Checkitout!

(e)Copenhagen– the world’s first carbon neutral capital by 2025:

(f)Egypt’s Forest in the Desert:

2. Hungry Seabirds:According to UBC researchers, industrial fisheries are starving seabirds to death(such as penguins). Since the 1970s, nearly a quarter of the penguin populations (that's 2500 birds) have been lost.

3. A Better Way of Logging:There is a forest in Lubeck, Germany which people are talking about... Back in 1994, Lübeck’s chief forester proposed a new way for it to be managed, an approach called ‘close to nature’. The city approved the change, and the forest has been managed this way ever since! Read the full story, with photos too, here.

4.Volcanics and Climate Change:Ice sheets are extremely heavy, and this stress on the Earth's crust can influence how volcanic magmas move through the crust. A lot of BC’sglaciers are melting back fast and with loss of such weighty ice (due to our warming climate) it could cause an increase in volcanic eruptions There is even compelling evidence in Iceland to suggest that melting glaciers cause an eight-fold increase in volcanic eruptions.

5. Save OnIs Saving Food Waste:They’ve been experimenting with reductions in perishable waste in Kelowna and Chilliwack and now will provide a diversion program in many more towns in partnership with food banks as they work towards zero waste. In 3 months of the pilot program they diverted the equivalent of 250,000 meals to those in need. Some foods have to become animal feed or are composted.


1. Canada Needs a Ban on Elephant Ivory:The World Wildlife Fund reports that 60% of the world’s wildlife has been wiped out, and elephants are dangerously close to extinction — a staggering 20,000 continue to be brutally killed every year for their ivory. Please take action and sign this petition!

2. Action on Disposable Cups:3 Calgarian teens are petitioning Tim Hortons to create a compostable recyclable cup . They already met with success for Starbucks. sign the petition.A few reader suggestions to push for … *Only those with reusable cups can take part in “roll-up-the-rim contests. * No disposable cups, just a digital means for finding winners. *Provide loyalty cards and scanning would determine if a person won anything.

3. Action on Food Waste by Saputo and McCain’s:When they throw out good fruit, veg and dairy beforeit gets on the shelves it wastes a lot of water and energy that went into production/transport at the same time. Tell Saputo and McCain’s to stop tossing millions of tonnes of food. Sign the food waste pledge today! and and Ecojustice ACTION:They all report on the National Energy Board’s (NEB) rubber stamp approval of the Transmountain pipeline saying it’s in our best interests… but the NEB admits it would be a disaster for the environment and Indigenous rights… and they conclude that these extreme risks are “justified” because the project could help some billionaire oil companies line their pockets. Tell the federal government to stop the TMP.Send a message now:


1. Environmental Benefits from a Plant-Based Diet: A recent study in The Lancetstates:“A large body of work has emerged that concludes that a diet rich in plant-based foods and with fewer animal source foods confers both improved health and environmental benefits.” The researchers also noted that moving to sustainable food production could shift land use from “being a net source of carbon to becoming a net sink of carbon.” Health Canada’s new food guideis therefore worthy of praise and is quite timely!

2. Winter Weather Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming: Extract: “So, no, a cold day where you live isn’t evidence that global warming is a 'hoax'! ... As humans continue to burn fossil fuels and destroy areas that absorb carbon dioxide, forests and wetlands, the planet’s average temperature will keep rising, with undeniable consequences for human health and survival, as well as for the bio-diverse life on which we rely. ... It’s time to take this seriously!” Forthe entire article, go here.

3. Children Being Seen and Heard:Greta, in Sweden, left school and lobbied politicians, saying:“I am doing this because you adults are shitting on my future.”Complacency by adults isn’t what will help future generations to deal with the mess we leave behind. Is that how we adults want our generation to be remembered? What will youdo? Climate related actions by youth are occurring elsewhere too. Google ‘children should be seen and heard’ for more.

4. Entomofauna: This scientific review: Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers,” published in Biological Conservationindicates that human activity is driving insects to extinction. The losses could have catastrophic consequences for human survival as well as survival of our planet’s ecosystems. 40 per cent of insect species are declining, one-third are endangered and the total mass of insects is dropping by 2.5 per cent a year.


Climate Change:CAPE and many other health groups have made a public Call to Action on Climate Changeand Healthto Canada's federal political parties. MPs elected in the 2019 federal election will ultimately have the opportunity to ensure a healthy response to climate change or be responsible for devastating climate-related impacts that will be visited on our children and future generations," Call your Member of Parliamentand let her/him know that you feel that meaningful action on climate change should be central theme in this year's election!


1. Success on Wild Salmon Protection:The Federal Court has struck down the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans’ policy that unlawfully skipped testing farmed fish for piscine orthoreovirus, a highly-contagious virus prevalent in B.C. fish farms, before transferring them to open-net pens in the ocean. Forthe entire story, go here.

2. Protect Biodiversity: In February, Ecojustice lawyers will be in court to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence from risky offshore oil exploration in a geological region known as Old Harry. The Gulf sustains an abundance of marine life, including at-risk North Atlantic right whales, wild Atlantic salmon, and the leatherback sea turtle. Your support will help fend off the risk of an oil spill that threatens not only the ecosystem, but the coastal communities that rely on the Gulf. For an update, gohere.

3. Hold Premier Ford to Account: Ecojustice lawyers are preparing to make Premier Ford’s government answer in court for failing to consult the public on a regulation that ended Ontario’s cap and trade program. While this case will not revive the program, we must remind Premier Ford that his government does not have permission to ignore Ontarians’ right to be consulted on major changes to the laws and regulations that protect our climate. More,here.

4. Defend Canada’s Climate Future: Reducing carbon pollution in Canada is a matter of national concern. The science tells us we must limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, or risk climate disaster. The federal government, through the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, is trying to do just that. But constitutional challenges filed by several provinces threaten to derail its ability to swiftly implement urgently-needed measures to cut Canada’s carbon emissions. For the full story, go here.


1. Automation in our Environment: There is a change in the role of human labour with half of current paid work being automated. We worry about job changes, ISSD looks at uncertain energy and natural resource impacts.

2.Cannabis and Fresh Water:IISD  sharestheirwork on pharmaceuticals in your water.

3. Climate Change Effects on a lake:IISD  manipulated a Canadian watershed for nine years to look into our future.


1. Support Centre for Environmental Non-Profits:Hereis a linkto a support centre for environmental non-profits through webinars, workshops and more... Some key programs presented here… 2019 Organizational Report!

2. Parliamentary Environmental Internship:The“Parliamentary Internship for the Environment” program offers young leaders (aged 18-30), who are passionate about the environment and politics, the chance to gain invaluable training and experience from Canada’s top environmental champions on Parliament Hill! Applications will be accepted until Friday, March 15 at midnight EST. Application process info hereand/or contact


Going to Court Over Round-up/ Glyphosate: Safe Food Matters Inc. filed an application in federal court last month, challenging the re-registration of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-up herbicide. PCN applauds the action, noting that, “the current situation is unsustainable, and unethical! Canadians are getting sicker, at younger ages, and glyphosate is a top contributory suspect.” For the entire press release, gohere.

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck



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