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May 2019 Newsletter

MAY 2019


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1. Electric Cars, Boats, Bikes, Oh My! May 23rd, 7 pm, Schubert Centre‘s East parking lot. Terry Dyck has outdone himself this year with many more clean transport options AND displays of solar and wind! There's free test drives of these electric cars and bikes, an inside Q and A on their costs and environmental impacts, and more. Everyone is welcome to this free ‘eye-candy’ event!

2. SENS’ Curbside Giveaway Weekend (May 25th– 26th):Give yourin-good-conditionunwanted items a new home this weekend! Label items at the curb with “FREE”. Every reused item means they don’t end up filling our landfill. Do it even if you’re NOT in Vernon! Happy hunting for all that “FREE” new treasure!

3. No Newsletter (most likely) until September! Have a great summer – safely! SENS has planned new events for the fall and winter; starting September 4thwith author Jon Steinman of Nelson on food co-ops.


1. Farmers’ Markets:

Vernon:Mon and Thursday, 8 – 1 pm, outside,, Kal Tire Place. 

Lumby:Monashee Food Co-op, Shuswap Ave, all year, GMO-free, pesticide-free produce!website.

2.North Okanagan Naturalists Club (NONC) Meeting: May 1st, 7 pm, Schubert Centre banquet room. The speaker will be Rick Bonar on “The secret life of the crested wood cleaver” (AKA the Pileated Woodpecker).

Also, via NONC: Global Big Day, May 4th: Last May, more than 30,000 people took to fields and forests around the world, noting more than 7,000 species in a single day—Global Big Day.On 4 May, join more than 30,000 others and, for an hour or even 10 minutes watch birds..Visit your favourite spot or search out someplace new; enjoy a solo walk or get some friends to join in the Global Big Day fun. Details:

3. RDNO Survey on Future Growth/Development: As part of a public engagement campaign, the RDNO has launched online surveysand will hold a series of open houses representing four areas of their Regional Growth Strategy. The topics the RDNO is reviewing and seeking feedback on include housing, the environment, economic development and active transportation.The last open house is set for May 1stat the White Valley Community Centre in Lumby. It will run from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. The online surveys are open until midnight May 10th.Please take part! 

4. Food Action Society of The North Okanagan (FASNO): For upcoming workshops on gardening, check this list; Volunteer opportunities,here; Cooking classes? phoneJudy @ 250-309-7045or email Jay.Get on the mail list here!

5.Natural Cleaning Solutions For Your Home: OK College, Vernon Campus, May 6, 6 - 8:30pm OR May 25, 9 - 11:30 am. $35 + materials + GST. Registration and details: 250 545-7291, ext 2850.   Make, and take home, 4 non-toxic cleaners that are safe and natural.  Recipes and ingredients supplied.

6.Allan Brooks Nature Centre Mega Garage & Plant Sale: May 24th, 25th, & 26th. Time forSpring cleaning? Donations are being accepted now. Please no electronics, TV’s, or clothing. For further information, phone 250-260-4227. Proceeds go to educational programs!

7Protecting B.C. Caribou: “In 2018, Environment Canada (EC) determined that the Southern Mountain caribou is 'facing imminent threats to its recovery', and so negotiated a weak agreement with B.C. for habitat protection. The problem is that opposing interests are spreading fears and untruths about the agreement. We must take action NOW or this new habitat protection from the federal government could be fatally weakened or sabotaged altogether!” Until May 31stthere is a public consultation, so please submit comments through the link provided here.For a similar piece, go here.

8. Bike To Work & School Week:May 27 – June2. Registration and information: Be a team leader! Win prizes! – cycling trip for 2 in Italy?!? And more!



(a)Air-Crete Dome Homes(b)10 Small Electric Cars

(c)Extracting Water from Air(d)Your Own Backyard Forest

(e)Tiny Paradise Cottagex (F)Top 4 Cheap Electric Cars

2. Cure For Terminal Cancer?: Would you believe it's dog deworming pills? Read this amazingaccount!There’s lots we don’t know about our environment - internal and external - even now!

3. Industrial Farming:"One of the most unsustainable practices of modern civilization, factory farming is responsible for the abuse of land, animals, and natural resources all for the express purpose of providing cheap, unhealthy food to large amounts of people. In just four decades, industrial agriculture has spread like a disease across the globe. Our current global food system is responsible for one-third of global greenhouse emissions and it completely depends on fossil fuels for transportation, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides." …quote from “One Green Planet”

4. Glyphosate is Partly 'Causing' B.C. Wildfires: According to BC Forest Watch, when this pesticide is sprayed annually, it destroys leafy deciduous trees, and subsequently the forest loses its natural fuel break... For the full CBC article, go here!

5. Too Late for 20C: Some dire news! According to Dr. Kevin Anderson, a well known Climate Scientist, we are almost guaranteed to reach 4 degrees of warming, as early as 2050, and may soar far beyond that – beyond the point which agriculture, the ecosystem, and industrial civilization can survive. For the shocking news, gohere.

6. Eating/Growing Organic:Here'sa 2 minute video highlighting the health benefits of going vegan!


1. Action on Fake Recycling: By current international law, wealthy states and corporations are allowed to treat developing countries like dumps for their plastic rubbish! However, a May meeting in Switzerland might change these rules, A 'Yes' vote will force these dumping countries to get permission from the targeted developing country before proceeding.Sign this petition to help sway thevote for this game-changing proposal!

2. Plastics Action:The grocery store‘Trader Joe’s’is reducing 1 million pounds of plastic waste each year just by scaling back on unnecessary pre-packaged fruit and styrofoam trays. So… Tell Whole Foods to ban single-use plastics in its stores.


1. Fracked LNG: According to a 2016 study, 90 - 95 % of magnitude 3 or greater earthquakes along the B.C.-Alberta border were fracking-related. Fracking alsouses enormous amounts of water, is linked to drinking water contamination, and has massive impacts on land and habitat. Methane traps 84 times as much heat as CO2and is thought to be responsible for 25% of already observed changes to Earth’s climate.  A2017 study foundfugitive methane emissions from natural gas drilling and production in B.C. were at least 2.5 times higher than industry and government have reported… For more, gohere!

2. Rapid Warming In Canada:According to this dire Climate Report,this country is warming at roughly twice the global average rate, even more in the North and on the Prairies, and concludes that most is from human activity. We have to re-evaluate the thinking that got us into this mess, including outdated economic philosophies predicated on wasteful continuous growth, resource exploitation, and consumerism! For the full article, gohere.

3. Neonics Ban:  The federal agency responsible for regulating pesticides concluded its review of neonicotinoid insecticides (“neonics”) and risks to pollinators. The agency will cancel or restrict certain spray and soil uses of the three main neonics but stopped well short of the ban hoped for. Neonics were banned last year in the European Union.


1.The POLIS Project on Ecological Governanceargues that keeping water on our landscapes and in our rivers, lakes and aquifers is our best approach against an uncertain and chaotic future.

2. Flood Funding: Ontario  announced they would be reducing funding to Conservation Authorities for flood management programs by half earlier this month. 


1. Green Okanagan has rounded up some simple yet effective ways to garden while minimizing your environmental impact - helping to preserve soil health and adding food for wild pollinators.  Keep Reading

2. OCCP supports restoration of Lakeshore Ecosystems. Their work will protect riparian and shoreline habitat and includes interpretive signage about lakeshore protectionKeep reading.


1. Canada’s Environmental Audit:Here'sthe institute response to thisreportreleased on fossil fuel subsidies, invasive aquatic species, and mining waste in water.

2. Green Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP):Using tax dollars to get high efficiency buildings and more from government means not buying based on cheapest price. Other socioeconomic, social, and environmental values must also be considered. For the article, gohere!

3. Involving The Business Sector in Climate Change:National Adaptation Plans need their involvement to become more climate resilient! For more, readhere


1. Decision-Making in Government:One research project they’re doing is to interview MPs on where they get their information for decision-making. Read more about the project here.Also, they’re doing a study on the state of climate science in Canada. Read on for an update!


1. Forest Resiliency:Wildfires are burning more forests than ever as weather patterns change, pushing global greenhouse gas emissions ever higher. Yet, B.C. doesn’t currently include emissions from wildfires in our greenhouse gas inventory!?Ben Parfitt’slatest postseeks to rectify this andhas suggestions for how the federal government could take a proactive approach to improve the resilience of our forests.

2. Corporate Malfeasance:BC’s Regulators fail to hold corporations accountable for breaking the rules…and any consequences are VERY low (either a mini-fine or a rap on the knuckles…). Read the full story from researcher, Ben Parfitt,  here.


The Foundation thanks all who supported their push for a ban…The Canadian Government has announced a total ban of oil and gas activity in Marine Protected Areas. The ban includes mining, waste-dumping and bottom trawling. Thenewest placeThe Laurentian Channel Marine Protected Area,a space close to 12,000 km2, is now included.

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