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October 2019 Newsletter


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1.October Climate Change Event:  We’re still in the planning stages for a group-share event to showcase ‘what we can do with panache” ideas that will give us and all our youth a future that still has energy, happiness, and purpose. Date may change from our usual 4th Thursday.  More details to follow.

 2. SENS Environmental All Candidates Forum: Betty Selin, moderator, noted that the standing ovation was a first:

 3. Curbside Giveaway:  The idea has been building for the last few years as SENS (thank-you Sheila and Heather!) spearheaded the idea of reducing ‘gently used - still of value to someone’ goods going to the landfill. We encourage everyone – even if you’re not in Vernon -  to continue with curbside giveaways ALL THE TIME !  Put them out with a ‘free’ sign and if they don’t get claimed within a few days or more, they’re still yours to donate to charity or re-use in some other way.  Please avoid having items wrecked by weather conditions!  Our society needs to change how we think and live so that we become refusers/re-users, not consumers at high cost to the planet.


1. Farmers’ Markets:

             Vernon: Mondays and Thursdays, 8 am – 1 pm, outside of Kal Tire Place.  In November it moves indoors. 

             Lumby: All year round, Monashee Community Co-Op (GMO and pesticide-free produce), Shuswap Ave.

 2. Sustainable Energy Forum: October 5th,  Vernon Library. Forum is 3 – 5 pm. Sustainable Energy Show is next door from 1 – 6 pm. This event will discuss, educate, demonstrate, and form an Okanagan Sustainable Energy Task Force to follow up with the determined outcomes throughout our Valley!  Sponsor is BC SEA  (Sustainable Energy Association), Okanagan Chapter. For more information, go here.

3.  Wolf Slaughter:  Valhalla Wilderness Society reports that, instead of increasing habitat protection for deep-snow caribou, the BC government has increased helicopter slaughter of wolves in BC. A mis-information campaign by the forest industry brought out recreationists who feel entitled to go wherever they want any time despite needs of threatened caribou. The thousands who wrote to protect caribou were considered insignificant. Economic wealth trumps our overall need for old growth forest (caribou habitat) which is crucial for mitigating climate change. Details on the caribou/wolf cull crisis:   Key points and addresses for letter writing:

4. Allan Brooks Nature Centre: Their Saturday Family Days will continue until October 26 when they stage their Halloween Hootenanny. Bring a red light for their last astronomy night of the year on Oct 5 at 7pm at the Centre.

5. Carbon Taxes - Do They Work? Are They Fair? -  October 7, 7:30 pm, OK College, Kal Campus in Vernon.  Dr. K. Harrison, Professor of Political Science, discusses the issues.  $10 online, at Campus Admin, or at the door.


1. Video Links: 

             (a) Save the World!                             (b) DIY Space Saving Tips!

             (c) Make Your Own Fertilizer!                        (d) Carbon Neutral Copenhagen by 2025!

 2. Phasing Out ALL Fossil Fuels: According to this report, the European Investment Bank plans to phase out fossil fuels by 2020. The vote was to be early September but the powerful German vote had yet to decide...

 3. Round-up (Glyphosate): This is being sprayed on the Rail Trail by the lake.  Call John Friesen at RDNO (250 550 3749) to voice your concerns!

 4. Comparing 6 Green New Deals: Check out Guy Dauncey's great analysis! …And his just - in revision!

5. October 21 – Voting Day: Please vote! We all have a responsibility to take part or our democracy is lessened and we fail our youth, who need our support to ensure that their futures are not destroyed by our wants/demands today.  Analyses of party positions and their effectiveness on Climate Action can be found, among others, on the websites of: 

* Pembina Institute      *        * Council of Canadians             * Shake up the Establishment

6. Amazon Burns:  Agro-capitalists are exploiting this area.  But socialist Cuba, which only had 13% of land covered by forest prior to the 1959 revolution, has now increased its forest base to at least 33% of the country. Check out this “Granma” report 

 7. Teztan Biny (Fish Lake):  Taseko Mines had their second attempt at a New Prosperity Mine project again rejected by the Canadian Government, however the Tsilhqot’in Nation still must fight Taseko Mines and the Government of BC over infringement of Aboriginal rights. The Government of BC  has given a drilling permit for a project that cannot be legally built. Tsilhqot’in Nation asks for your help in their battle:    Tŝilhqot’in Nation’s GoFundMe page  or, for a tax receipt: RAVEN Trust.

 8. Petrofluorchemicals(PFC’s) in all the new waxes – they increase ski speed, but should be banned from all our ski races for major health reasons (hormone disruption, liver damage, cancer…)


1.Big Bully Tactics: Nestle is suing Osceola Township, Michigan for trying to stop them from taking an ever -decreasing supply of water. Nestle pays $200 per year to pump 350,000 gallons per day from the area.

 2.Beekeepers: are suing the Trump administration for putting the bee-killing pesticide sulfoxaflor back on the market.


1. Toys Petition: Two young preteens are asking Burger King and McDonald’s to think of the environment and stop giving plastic toys with fast food kids’ meals. Please sign this petition!


1. Fracked Gas: Methane is a potent greenhouse gas responsible for one-quarter of current global heating. It only stays in the atmosphere for about 12 years before it breaks down, but it causes a lot of damage while it’s there. It traps heat at a rate close to 85 times higher than CO2! For the entire article, go here.

 2. Blue Dot Pledge: There are now 112 members of Parliament who have committed to recognizing environmental rights through the Blue Dot Pledge. Here in Vernon, 4 of 5 candidates have signed. For a more detailed list, go here.

 3. Bee and Butterfly Food: Plant wildflower seeds in late fall before the ground freezes so that they’ll bloom in the spring. Suggestions: milkweed, lavender, catnip, butterfly bush, yarrow, honeysuckle, borage, calendula…go here.


1. Climate Change: Ecojustice has researched how the major parties’ climate promises compare… Read Ecojustice lawyer Julia Croome’s analysis of the climate commitments the Bloc Québécois, Conservative, Liberal, Green, NDP and People’s Party have made to date!


5th Generation Millimetre – wave Tech Carcinogens: Washington State Biochemist Martin Pall is asking the Canadian government to declare a moratorium on the deployment of 5th generation millimetre-wave tech and for eventual removal of WiFi from all schools, libraries, hospitals and public transportation. Martin Pall presented a 2018 peer-reviewed paper Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health," published in Environmental Research yet Government doesn’t take this information seriously. Dr. Anthony Miller, a world-renowned epidemiologist and former advisor to the World Health Organization says that radiofrequency radiation – the stuff of 5G – meets all the criteria to be classified a Group 1 known carcinogen.  There are other, faster options.    PubMed hyperlink to Martin Pall's published peer-reviewed journal papers: 

More on 5G at   and  .


1. Canadians “Cure” Acid RainExcerpt: “At its worst, acid rain stripped forests bare in Europe, wiped lakes clear of life in parts of Canada and the U.S., and harmed human health and crops in China. Looking back today, there is little argument that the cause was sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emitted by fossil fuel combustion by cars and industrial facilities like smelters and coal-burning utilities. When combined with water and oxygen in the atmosphere, these air pollutants chemically transform into sulfuric and nitric acid. Acidic droplets in clouds then fall as rain, snow or hail. We know this now. But for a long time, acid rain was a puzzle.” How did Canadian research help solve it: read this!

 2. Using Trade to Fight Climate Change: Excerpt: “For years, leaders in the fight against climate change have sought to use international trade as a weapon, pushing world leaders to penalize countries that aren’t stemming warming emissions by restricting trade with them on the global market. Well, last [month], as tens of thousands of fires engulfed the Amazon, [it finally worked!] The E.U. threatened to block a landmark trade deal with Brazil and ban imports of Brazilian beef if the country’s leader didn’t act. The leader buckled, sending more than 40,000 troops to fight the fires.” And President Trump helped make this possible... To find out how, read this!

 3. Putting People First: 

despite the climate crisis being an unprecedented emergency, governments and corporations are largely responding as if it were a familiar challenge we’ve faced before that can be resolved with a few good inventions and improved technologies. Except it won’t. And this will soon become abundantly, uncomfortably clear.”

 “The old model of addressing, and adapting to, the climate crisis is equally dependent on humans behaving and interacting differently among ourselves and with the environment. The old system has failed to produce a vision of a future that benefits the majority of people or ecosystems … Our planet demands deep-rooted change, and that requires everyone’s contributions. Knowledge has many faces and languages, not just those spoken by people and institutions in positions of power. When we talk about solving the climate crisis, we should have more than just a technical lens; we should also be talking about compassion, grief, fear and hope.” For the entire piece, go here.

 4. Unfair Expectations: Excerpt: “We should all be thoughtful about the amount we fly. But some of my civil society colleagues are calling for all climate conference attendees to amp up their commitment to low-carbon travel. They’ve suggested attendees to next year’s UN Climate Change Conference attend either through zero-emissions travel or via videoconferencing. I think this push is dangerous.” To find out why, read the entire op-ed here.


1. Factsheets: Here are two sheets (one on National Climate Changethe other on the Health Impacts of Climate Change) that may assist you with becoming informed prior to and after the election! 

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck

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