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November 2019 Newsletter


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1. 8th Annual Handmade Holiday Gifting Event: November 16th,  noon – 3 pm, Schubert Centre.  Come, bring the kids, and experience short, easy, but cost effective demos for foods, toys, knitting, candles, soaps and more! Let’s get away from consumerism and put the heart back into the holidays! Bring any unwanted craft items/magazines etc for the “free” table! 

ALSO if you’d  like to  join over 30 other volunteers and show an idea for making, rather than buying,  Xmas gifts this year, please contact Sheila Campbell on Facebook (or Julia) by November 3th . We have a few tables still available. 

2. Curbside Giveaway:  We encourage everyone to have these  ALL THE TIME! Just put items out on a clear day (please avoid having them wrecked by bad weather!) with a ‘free’ sign. If they don’t get claimed within a few days or more, donate them to charity or re-use 'em some other way.  Our society needs us to become re-users, not consumers if we are to survive! 

3. October 24 Climate Evening: Laurie  Cordell is planning manager with the City of Vernon. She spoke on the climate situation, gave examples of many things each of us can do to reduce our carbon footprint, and mentioned some of the initiatives currently being undertaken by the City to reduce costs. The brainstorm after her talk was a positive energized sharing session at 6 full tables which generated many ideas on what we can all do to reduce  our impact by up to 75%.  The results will be posted on the SENS website some time in November. 

***SENS encourages everyone to write their own ‘how I can reduce’ list, compare it to the lists at “project drawdown – solutions” for details on how much your life affects global warming, and take action by contacting any or all of the following to ask for action: MP, MLA, Regional District, City…and why not engage MLAs or MPs from elsewhere to show how passionate you are about them taking immediate action on climate change. 

***SENS directors are currently creating an informative letter to send to various officials which asks them to take action on the top 3 priorities selected by participants on Oct 24. The letter includes sheets of signatures from those taking part, who also ask for action. 

What else can you do?

a)     Check the myriad of information on the Drawdown website (“project drawdown, solutions” gets you there fast) and talk to a group you belong to about some sector or solution  that resonated with you. As  a group create your own “we the undersigned” sheet to send to a politician or person in authority. They will not act unless they hear from enough people who care.

b)     Write a letter to the editor or for local media about personal carbon reducing actions you are taking and how it’s working. 

c)     Select one solution topic from “project drawdown – solutions” and write an article for SENS, fb, or the media or??? we all need to be educated!   Interestingly, some on City Council who heard the talk climate ambassadors gave  last month, did not know a lot of the ‘why’ and ‘how’, yet they are making decisions that will affect all of us for decades to come. 


1. Farmers’ Markets:

             Vernon: Indoors at  Kal Tire Place on Fridays,  time? 

             Lumby: All year round, Monashee Food Co-Op (GMO and pesticide-free!), Shuswap Ave.

             Armstrong: Saturdays, 9 am  – 1 pm, Odd Fellows Hall, Bridge St. 

2. North Okanagan Naturalist Club AGM: Wednesday, November 6th, 7:00 pm, Schubert Centre, 3505 30th Ave, Vernon.  After the Annual General Meeting, they will show the film: The Toad People!


1. Video Links: 

(a) Very Tiny $1500 House                             (b) Largest Calving Glacier Ever Filmed

(c) Interesting Cob House                                  (d) Floating Tiny House

(e) David Attenborough on Overpopulation     (f)Winter Hoop House:

g) Simple Living and Resource Development: …. 

2. Why Go Vegan: Here's a great article that highlights the many drawbacks that comes from eating animals and the many benefits of going vegan!

3. What’s Good For You: Every time you shop and eat, you make a choice to support a healthy body and a healthy planet—or not. So, here are Nature’s Fare top tips for how to pile your plate with foods that are good for you, and good for the planet! 

FROM SUMOFUS.ORG (social media non-profit)

1 Action Item - B.C.’s Old Growth Forests: A BC government agency is still auctioning off the last of our old growth forests despite government rules that are supposed to protect them. Endangered species are at risk and logging makes the areas carbon emitters, instead of carbon ‘sinks’.  Tell BC: Enough is enough. Protect our old-growth forests and stop the unrestricted logging! 

This also was reported: When SumOfUs found out that millions of acres of rainforest were being chopped down for chocolate plantations over 70,000 SumOfUs members like you pressured Lindt to commit to deforestation-free chocolate -- and it worked. Lindt has committed to no more deforestation in its supply chain by 2025.” 


1.Ten Green New Deals: How Do They Compare? A Toolbox for GND Development. By Guy Dauncey, September 2019.

2. Lubeck: Another Way of Logging:

***These and other articles of thought are found on Guy Dauncey’s fb page:


1. Stop Pan American Silver: This Canadian Co. wishes to re-open a controversial mine in Guatemala.  Previous work on the mine resulted in many dead native Xinka protesters...  Please sign this pledge of solidarity with the Xinka people in their fight to protect their home from the Escobal mine! 


1. Modernizing the Columbia River Treaty (CRT): New thinking is needed to ensure a sustainable future for this important river. The POLIS team has been contributing to the ongoing discussion around how to modernize the CRT and achieve a world-class, basin-wide governance approach that can encompass a wide range of issues and players. For more, go here. 

2. Ensuring Safe Drinking Water from Healthy Watersheds: With a changing climate and increasing demand from growing populations, local governments are  realizing they can’t rely on engineered watershed infrastructure alone. In addition to this, managing the watershed's natural assets (such as their existing aquifers, streams, and forests) is needed. Such an approach would enable strategic and cost-effective work! For the entire article, go here. 


1. Wild Impact: The WCWC invited comment on a Strategic Plan last year and  now provide a special edition of their summary:Wild Impact! Click here for the full report. 


1. B.C. Water Extraction: Residents of Golden, B.C. are concerned about a plan to ascertain water extraction potential of local ground water aquifers. To read the full story, go here! 

2. Tapped Out: Check out this new report on Water Scarcity and Water Solutions in B.C.! 

3. Webinar - Transforming Towns: October 31st, 1 pm EST. This webinar features case studies on how green infrastructure is offering new solutions to our cities, towns, and regionsRegister Today! 


1. Seafood Progress: According to their latest newsletter, retailers have indeed progressed in several ways in the past two years, but important work still remains to ensure their purchasing power is leveraging healthy oceans. Check out the series of news pieces inside the letter for better detail! 


1. Unite for Bold Climate Action: “This was a historic federal election! Together, we sent a strong message that bold climate action from our federal leaders is non-negotiable. The solutions to the climate crisis are known. What we need now is the courage to act. “For more, go here! 


1. VW Fraud in Canada: The U.S. and Germany prosecuted Volkswagen and received billions in fines, yet our government did NOT prosecute.... Ecojustice was in court last month to rectify this!


1. Climate – Resilient Tourism: IISD explains how public and private sectors can build climate-resilient tourism in the Caribbean, where many livelihoods depend on it. 

2. New Climate Oriented Trade Rules: In a first-of-its-kind agreement, five countries pledged to adopt new trade rules that will tackle climate change and other environmental issues.

3. Climate Resilience through Financial Literacy: Vulnerable communities are hit first, and hardest, by climate change. Here's one project that found a simple, straightforward way to help.

4. Attenborough On Fisheries: Attenborough, the renowned narrator from Planet Earth, gave a special introduction at a WTO event. And here's the WTO's hopeful vision for 2020!

5. Fossil Fuels – A Health Hazard: IISD's expert Lourdes Sanchez writes in STAT why we should be fighting fossil fuels with strategic messaging that embraces difficult truths. 

6. Are Fossil Fuels the New Cigarettes? Can climate activists learn from anti-smoking campaigns? Should we draw a parallel between fossil fuels and tobacco? (Spoiler: Yes, and yes!) 

7. What Lake 260 Can Teach Us: IISD's researchers are intentionally spilling diluted bitumen into Lake 260!?! The National Observer reports on why.... 

8. U.N. Plays Matchmaker: IISD's SDG Knowledge Hub highlights a new initiative that pairs developing countries with resource-rich nations who can lend a hand.

9. Mining Sector Plays with New Tech: Drones, big data and the Internet are creating both problems and solutions. Read the latest findings in New Tech, New Deal! 


1.  Climate Health Emergency “Call to Action”:  Over 300,000 health professionals have signed it. Here are the details and also what CAPE is asking all federal parties to commit to!

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck

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