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mid-November 2019 Newsletter supplement

NOVEMBER 2019 #2

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1. SENS has no events planned for December. Enjoy time with family and friends, and drive safely if you’re travelling!


1. Farmers’ Markets:

             Vernon: Indoors at Kal Tire Place on Fridays, 11 – 3 pm

             Lumby: All year round, Monashee Food Co-Op (GMO and pesticide-free!), Shuswap Ave.

             Armstrong: Saturdays, 9 am  – 1 pm, Odd Fellows Hall, Bridge St.


1. Video Links:                                  (a) Hydrologic Effects or Reforestation

(b) Lovely Roundhouse in Wales    (c) Amazing Yurt

 2. Poison Free Food and Farming 2030 Campaign: All citizens, producers, and consumers are invited to create a unified movement for change. Check out this website for the pledge and more details!

3. Coal, Alive and Well: As energy demand increases, so do emissions...

4. Seven Simple Actions to Help Birds: To find out what they are, follow this link!

5. Regenerative Agriculture: Excerpt: “The best producers have mostly abandoned the fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and supplements that are the foundation of chemical farming.” For the entire New York Times article, go here! 

FROM SUMOFUS.ORG (social media non-profit)

1. Tainted Honey: According to SumOfUs a German beekeeper, whose hives were near where the toxic weedkiller  Glyphosate had been sprayed, lab-tested his honey.. Sure enough, they, found it contaminated and it had to be immediately destroyed. Now other beekeepers in Europe will test their hive honey and, if glyphosates are found, sue the corporations responsible! 


1. An Impossible Dream? Avaaz claims that planting 1 trillion trees could remove most of our carbon emissions... And while technically true, it's hardly the silver bullet that the world needs to end climate change! Click here to learn why just planting trees WON'T be enough! 


1. Action: Right to Repair Legislation: Please write to your MP and ask for this legislation so device owners can determine who will fix their phone, laptop etc.   Apple, Samsung, and other technology developers put software locks and other barriers in place to stop outside repairs. They control trade of parts, and they mark up the parts they do sell to outside shops.   They want to make repairing our electronics so expensive that we just give up and buy new ones.4    How wasteful! 


1. Central Selkirk Caribou Threat: The Central Selkirk caribou herd that ranges between Nakusp, New Denver, and Kaslo is almost gone. Only 24 have survived. What humans do this winter could decide their fate forever. Can they survive? PLEASE TAKE ACTION RIGHT AWAY. Check it out here: help prevent further destruction of our precious wilderness and wildlife. 


1. Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste:  A new conference on nuclear power and climate change tackles radioactive waste, tries to make #Atoms4Climate happen. Check this expert’s  reports. 

2. Canada’s GHG’s Need Action: Sophia Murphy writes in The Hill Times that Canada may not have the highest GHG emissions for its size, but the data on this is misleading. 


Fossil Fuel Industry Lobby’s Influence: From 2011- 18 this group made the equivalent of 6 contacts per working day with elected and non-elected federal government officials…. As a part of the Corporate Mapping Project’s ongoing work to investigate the power and influence of the oil and gas sector in Canada, we released a study this week that examines the influence of fossil fuel lobbyists on federal policy. 

  1. The study found that between 2011 and 2018 the fossil fuel industry was one of the most active industry groups lobbying the federal government with a whopping 11,452 contacts during this period. That amounts to over six contacts per working day with elected and non-elected federal government officials.
  2. Not surprisingly, the report by CMP co-Director William Carroll, Nicolas Graham and David Chen, showed that the timing and intensity of lobbying contacts increases alongside important policy changes and major project decisions -- like pipeline purchases.
  3. Over 60% of voters in our most recent federal election cast their ballots for parties that campaigned to take action on the climate emergency. This study draws troubling conclusions about the influence of the industry when it comes to the ability of elected governments to make the bold climate policy changes that are necessary, and calls for reforms to the federal lobbying rules so we can loosen big oil’s grip on our democracy.
  4. The study has been headline media news this week. So much so that the most powerful fossil fuel lobbying group in Canada -- the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) -- felt compelled to release a response to the study.
  5. You can read more of the findings and the authors’ recommendations for reform here

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck

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