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December 2019 Newsletter

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year                                        DECEMBER 2019

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1. SENS has NO events planned for December. Enjoy time with family and friends. Drive safely if you’re travelling!

 2. Handmade Holiday Results: On November 16th any adults and kids left happy with their creations and with lots of ideas for making gifts at Christmas. A list of ‘alternatives to buying’  gift ideas that the community provided during the afternoon  can be found  on the SENS website. As well, recipes for making a variety of items from that event will be on the SENS website.

 3. Tree Planting Project: SENS is promoting tree planting in local and province-wide schools and communities.  It is estimated that 25% of the carbon in the air could be removed worldwide by planting 500 billion trees. Carbon dioxide 'levels would then return to those of 100 years ago,' according to Professor Tom Crowther. As well though,  we all have to drastically reduce production of all the CO2 equivalents that we currently create. Check the SENS website for ideas. Got land? Create a ‘guild’ park and donate it to all citizens ‘in perpetuity’..or.…

 4. Eating Local Foods In Winter?  Easy!  January 23,2020, 7 pm,.Schubert Centre. Learn from local producers and cook about ways to enrich winter cookery and diet and reduce your carbon footprint. Collect recipes and more!

 5. Ban on Fluorinated Ski Waxes: SENS had written a letter in support of a ban…and it’s now happening! 


1. Farmers’ Markets:

Vernon: Indoors at Kal Tire Place on Fridays, 11 – 3 pm

Lumby: All year round, Monashee Food Co-Op (GMO and pesticide- free!), Shuswap Ave.

Armstrong: Saturdays, 9 am  – 1 pm, Odd Fellows Hall, Bridge St.


1. Video Links: 

(a) Plastic Garbage:  Check what Australia is doing with their plastic ‘garbage’!

(b)5G is NOT benign! “5G plans threaten to provoke serious, irreversible effects [to us all]”

 2. Realistic Climate Action: This talk provided some great actions, such as the CoSphere fund!

 3. How a Green New Deal Would Work: Check IT out, specifically, the end of his article!


1.SumOfUs: Action - Canada Pension Plan: CPP has at least $4 billion invested in the top publicly traded fossil fuel companies oil, gas and coal combined - investments that will contribute to a world that is 2 degrees warmer setting off climate chaos. At 2 degrees warmer, almost half of the world’s population will suffer extreme heat waves and hundreds of millions of people will have insufficient water supplies.  Please ask CPP to divest from fossil fuel companies!.

2.Avaaz: Help Ban Chlorpyrifos: It’s the most dangerous pesticide you’ve never heard of, linked to cancer, brain damage, and nerve disorders, and right now we have an amazing chance to get it banned in Europe. Let’s make sure we win the ban in Europe, and then unleash the power of our movement to push for bans everywhereSign this petition now and share with it everyone!  Help Stop Kelloggs;  recent petition asks Kelloggs to stop destroying rainforests for cheap palm oil. Please sign! Also, here’s a list of chemicals that contain palm oil in the myriad of products sold to consumers and a palm oil-free list of products too! 


1. Energy Efficiency: Excerpt:: “We need to consume less, share more, design for efficiency and long life and make refusing, repairing, reusing and recycling our go-to options!” For the entire article, go here. 


1. Protecting Nature:The federal government has committed to protecting 17% of land and inland waters and 10% of marine and coastal areas by 2020, and to advancing more ambitious targets longer term—25% protection by 2025, and 30% by 2030... BUT that target is woefully low. Nature Canada asks you to contact your MP and ask them to make more room for nature! 


1. . Ecuador Learns There are No Shortcuts to Subsidy Reform: IISD experts argue that, with a few simple changes, the mass protests over fuel prices earlier this month could've been avoided!  

2. Very Important Research: says Bill McKibben about this report on fossil fuels.

3. Momentum of Climate Strikes Pressures Indonesia to Act: IISD's energy expert feels hopeful for the country's future after delivering new research on renewables in the wake of local protests!

4. Greenest Province? NOT! new report shows BC isn't as climate-forward as thought, thanks to hundreds of millions per year in fossil fuel subsidies.

5.Business: must play a bigger role in preparing communities for disaster crises. 


1. Fossil Fuel Industry Lobby’s Influence: CCPA released a study last month that examines the influence of fossil fuel lobbyists on federal policy. This study draws troubling conclusions about the influence of the industry when it comes to the ability of elected governments to make the bold climate policy changes that are necessary, and calls for reforms to the federal lobbying rules so we can loosen big oil’s grip on our democracy! You can read more of the findings and the authors’ recommendations for reform here.

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck

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