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mid-December 2019 Newsletter supplement

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year                                        DECEMBER 2019 #2

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1. Eating Local Foods in Winter: Jan. 23rd, 2020, 7 pm, Schubert Centre. Ways to easily enrich your winter cookery and diet to reduce your carbon footprint. Share, collect recipes and more! 


1. Farmers’ Markets:  Vernon: Indoors at Kal Tire Place on Fridays, 11 – 3 pm

                                    Lumby: Year round, Monashee Food Co-Op (GMO / pesticide-free!), Shuswap Ave.

                                    Armstrong: Saturdays, 9 am - 1 pm, Odd Fellows Hall, Bridge St.

2. WonderCafé.live: This local speaker program starts in January at Lumby United Church.  Come, listen, and take part! Free, but donations appreciated. Also, if you have an idea you’d like to suggest or even present, please contact Dave @ 250-547-6368  or

January Speakers:  Jan 17th,7 pm – Geoff Atkins uses bubbles to teach children the values of persistence.

                              Jan 31st, 7 pm – Donna Easto on Adaptogenic Herbs.


1. Video Links:    (a) Earth Bag Eco-dome (off-grid) AND Sustainable SuperAdobe House

2. More Local Jobs? We need more creative ideas like this to remove the current plastic stockpile and ignite innovative new business and technology start-ups locally! We also need to REFUSE to take and use much of the ‘trivial’ plastic that’s being forced upon us as well...

3. Biosolids on Shuswap Farmland: The plan here is to dump a total of 35,000 tons of biosolids near Hazel Creek which empties into the Shuswap River, in spite of "the risk of irreversible damage to the soil, the danger to public health and possible negative effects on the quality of the food farmers produce". For details on why biosolids should never be put on land, go here!

4. What Happens to Our Waste: Read this as CBC explains!

5. Owl Nests in Your Backyard: NestWatch has custom nest box plans just the right size for a tiny owl (and more than 50 other species, too). Check 'em out!

6. Infinite Growth?!? Continued growth is just NOT possible – We live on a planet that has finite resources. When it’s gone, it’s gone! … read this and watch this.

7. Climate Reality and the Green New Deal: Here, then, is what an effective “Green New Deal” might look like. We just need to find the political will...

8. Renewables Are Not Enough! Here’s a great analysis! Do note that the author is NOT saying we shouldn’t build lots of renewables, despite the evidence that shows that we have largely used renewables to consume more energy... We just need to consume less.... Or better yet use a much more energy efficient renewable, like this new “smart solar that apparently might be a game changer! 


B.C. Fossil Fuel Subsidy Data Finally Public: The B.C government has finally been forced to release its data thanks to successive appeals to the Office of Freedom of Information and Privacy by the CCPA BC office. The information shows the astonishing scale of the “deep well credit” program and provides insights into how much companies that drill and frack for natural gas in northeast B.C. continue to be bankrolled by the provincial government. Ben Parfitt has the lowdown in his latest commentary.  Learn more » 

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck 


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