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mid-March 2020 Newsletter supplement


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1. Seedy Saturday: March 21st, Vernon Rec Centre. CANCELLED! Our Rec Centre is following the BC Government of Health’s guidelines that recommend cancellation of any events involving over 250 people.

2. SENS Annual General Meeting (AGM): April 23rd, 7 pm, Schubert Centre. Due to the concerns over the spread of corona virus covid19, SENS may adjust this event to a different time …After a 7 minute (YES!) AGM, the remainder of the evening could showcase speakers (composting and wildfire safely homeowner tips etc) to help all of us celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day / Earth Week and to celebrate our becoming a Blue Dot Community.

3. Eco-Friendly Home Tour: May 2nd, 2020. Tickets will be available in advance ($25 each) at Bean Scene on April 1st. Home Tours will include: a net-zero home on East Hill, a manufacturing plant for passive house parts in Lumby, and an optometrist's office that uses the heat produced during optical lens production to heat their building. The sponsor, Canadian Federation of University Women Vernon (CFUW), uses ALL the funds to sponsor two local students at our Vernon college. For more information: franceswarner@shaw.caIf you are touring as a group, make sure you purchase the same colour of ticket!


1. Farmers’ Markets:  Vernon: The Last Indoors Market at Kal Tire Place is Friday, March 20th, 11 – 3 pm

Lumby: Year-round, Monashee Food Co-Op (GMO/pesticide-free!), Shuswap Ave. 

                         Armstrong: Saturdays, 9 am - 1 pm, Odd Fellows Hall, Bridge St. possibly until April 18.

                                                The outdoor markets is supposed to start March 14. 

2. WonderCafé.live: Lumby United Church Hall. Free, but donations are appreciated.  Please contact Dave @ 250-547-6368 or if you have an idea or wish to present!

Postponed! (COVID-19) – What’s Lurking in Bessette Creek?  Interpretation of, and implications of water test results for wild life in and around these waters – including us! Speaker: Russ Collins.


1. The Amazon is Failing: “The Amazon could turn into a source of carbon in the atmosphere, instead of one of the biggest absorbers of the gas, as soon as the next decade, owing to the damage caused by loggers and [farmers] and the impacts of the climate crisis, new research has found. If that happens, climate breakdown is likely to become much more severe in its impacts, and the world will have to cut down much faster on carbon-producing activities to counteract the loss of the carbon sinks!”  Entire article is here.

2. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) Report: Check out Winding Down B.C.’s Fossil Fuel Industries: Planning for Climate Justice in a Zero-Carbon Economy! Apparently they are concerned that oversupply could catch B.C. workers and put them out of jobs…

3. Climate Emergency – A 26 Week Transition Program for Canada: Here’s the paper Guy Dauncey wrote on this! 


1. Home Heating Oil Spills: Annoyingly, these are in the news again! Back in 2012, the ELC released a report that examined this and offered solutionsWhile some laws have changed since, it still offers useful information for homeowners and municipalities.

2. Plastics Pollution: DFO is acting on parts of the Seven Reforms report ELC made! Also, here's a Fisheries Program of note that helps fund projects that take action to retrieve, dispose of, and reduce fishing-related plastic waste.

3. Mining Law Reform: Last month, representatives from a variety of environmental, community, and Indigenous organizations from the BC Mining Law Reform Strategic Meeting met in Vancouver to plan next steps and identify key challenges and opportunities to continue the push to reform B.C.’s mining laws!

4. Salmon(from Times Colonist) B.C. must act to protect spawning beaches!

5. Sewage: (from Times Colonist)  Keep sewage sludge off farms, fields, and forests


1. Fossil Fuel Subsidy Transparency: Federal subsidies here reached at least CAD 600 million in 2019, but we're not getting the full picture .What details are we missing, and why?

2. Better Mining Sector: At a recent event, we asked experts to create a plan of action to make the minerals industry sustainable. Here's what they said must happen!

3.Action to Improve Fisheries: Negotiators at the WTO have fewer than 100 days to bring lasting change to our ocean. Help keep the pressure on by sharing this message! 


 Butterfly-Way Rangers: Help bring back wild bee and butterfly numbers! Get free online training and resources to help you recruit friends, colleagues, and neighbours to plant a ton of pollinator-friendly wildflowers and create Butterfly-Ways in your community. Apply before March 23rd!


1. Coral Reefs: According to this, warm, acidic oceans may nearly eliminate ALL coral reef habitats by 2100!

2. Roberts Bank Terminal: Choose a second container terminal or choose to destroy one of the richest and most important ecosystems for migrant and wintering waterbirds in Canada? Complete article is here!


1. 2020 Plans: Recently the VWS celebrated the ending of the grizzly bear hunt and acquisition of a wetland marsh at the end of Slocan Lake as a nature preserve. This year they continue campaigning for two major parks to protect Inland Temperate Rainforests (see their “Primeval” documentary), for an end to wolf culls, mountain caribou recovery, and protection of endangered western toads and B.C.’s last wild horses in the Chilcotin! For more details, go here


1. Harm to Alberta’s Parks System: “Sierra Club Canada Foundation is deeply concerned about the degradation of Alberta’s parks and the impacts these changes will have for conservation, wildlife habitat, accessible recreation, and the status of protected areas in Alberta” as some hasty cuts come into effect .For the full article, go here!

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck

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