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Summer 2020 Newsletter


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1. September: Hopefully, we’ll be planning a Fall event in some fashion, that still keeps us all safe! Our local health department will determine possibilities.

2. Cosmetic Pesticides: We've been told staff are working on it.... But Council STILL needs to hear that YOU don’t want them or they will not act. Some useful info to use: Beyond pesticides- gives a list of groups; Pesticide Action Network has ideas as well; and Earth Justice has an action guide and other good tips!

3. Nature: On behalf of all members, SENS supported a Nature Canada  petition to the government demanding that nature be on the agenda during the COVID-19 situation.  235 organizations are represented on the letter.  Please add your name! 

4. Vernon Heronry Update: Thank-you to those who have already sent letters of concern.  All those letters will be included as part of the September 14 open house hearing.  If you would still like to add your voice, please do – Council will not act in the interests of non-developers if they don’t hear of people’s concerns. Here's related media from the June Council meeting and the Star's Letter to the Editor! 


1.  Farmers’ Markets: 

            Vernon: Mondays and Thursdays, 8 am – 1 pm, Kal Tire Place, outside.

            Lumby: Year-round, Monashee Food Co-Op (GMO/pesticide-free!), Shuswap Ave.

            Armstrong: Saturdays, 8 am – noon, IPE grounds until the end of September. 

2. Vernon Climate Action Plan: Take part in the survey and share with all your friends! Deadline, July 24! 

3. ACTION: Expansion of Ellison Provincial Park: A 234-acre lakefront property just north of Ellison Provincial Park has recently been listed for sale. There is an online petition asking the province to consider its purchase to add it to Ellison Provincial Park. Please sign it! 


1. YouTube Links:

            (a) Regenerative Agriculture Desertification Overturned

(b) Renewable Energy

            (c) What would it take to Build a Truly Resilient Local Food System? 

2. Racial Justice and Climate Justice: Racial justice IS climate justice. Police brutality, environmental toxicity, and inadequate health care are the consequences of white supremacist institutions that choose profit over people.” To read the entire article, go here! 

3. Rebuilding B.C. - A Portfolio of Possibilities: This report makes 24 recommendations to guide recovery in areas of the economy ranging from affordable housing to forestry. The report’s primary recommendation is the formation of a Resilient Recovery Action Team charged with developing stimulus measures that move B.C. in the direction of a more sustainable, just and resilient economy![Egab Mand1] [JL2]  


1. Sun Safety Tips: PCN recommends that you: (1) Choose a mineral sunblock that includes zinc oxide (it deflects ultraviolet light and is handled easily by the body) with an inert, vegetable-based cream that is fragrant-free; (2) Check the UV index before going out - Avoid the sun when at its highest index (between 10 am - 2:00 pm); (3) use shaded areas; and (4) Wear sunglasses, hats, and protective clothing! 


1. The Role of Planetary Health in a Healthy Recovery: Here's a video of this webinar!

2. More Webinars: Webinars on Eco-Anxiety and Climate Justice can be viewed here! 


1. Green Recovery: “Many are feeling the effects of the pandemic — isolation, job loss, economic upheaval, illness, death — and the desire is to quickly return to 'normal'. But 'normal' isn’t good enough. To ensure our well-being and survival, we must build back better. We have the knowledge, resources and research to do it. All we need now is political will!” To read this in full, go here.

2. Salmon Hatcheries: “A growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates how hatchery fish can harm wild salmon populations ... Please watch this video and send a message to Fisheries and Oceans and our B.C. Premier that salmon hatcheries are not a silver bullet for wild fish problems!” 

3. Return to “Normal” Isn’t Good Enough; “The pandemic has created a lot of misery and havoc, especially for the most vulnerable. But it’s also given us a glimpse of the possible. It’s shown that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. It’s demonstrated that working regimes can shift. It shows that co-operation and altruism will get us through!” For this thought provoking 'take', go here


1. Climate Accountability Law: We need a new approach: Canada has missed every federal greenhouse gas reduction target so far. Canadians demand urgent climate action and a just recovery that includes a transition away from fossil fuels! A climate accountability framework (outlined in this report) will make sure Canada never misses another climate target. Tell your local MP to support such a framework! 

2. Protecting Gulf of St. Lawrence from Exploratory Drilling: NL and Labrador Supreme Court confirmed that companies must pass an environmental assessment and consult Indigenous Peoples within a specified time or their license expires. Ecojustice continues to protect this rich biodiversity where increased exploratory drilling is being fast tracked without public consultation. Read more here! 


1. Economic Stimulus Must be Green: Environmental organizations across Canada are coming together in support of seven principles IISD experts say should guide recovery efforts. 

2. Recovery in Canada: Canada must do more to fund a resilient recovery. ISSD research into stimulus packages in Europe and Asia shows four areas of opportunity! 

3. Environmental Impacts of COVID-19: ISSD's new blog post explores how this pandemic is threatening biodiversity and conservation efforts, along with peace and stability. What can be done? 

4. Forestry and Agriculture: How can a "mosaic approach" to forestry and agriculture help boost pollinator populations and make our food systems more resilient?

5. Lake Water Damage Post COVID-19: How we use fresh water has changed since the pandemic struck; in this op-ed, an ISSD expert outlines the damage this might be causing! 

6. Bananas Go ‘Green’: Countries growing bananas that adhere to voluntary sustainability standards… Read ISSD's latest commodities report to find out more! 


1. Engaging Videos and Links:

Podcast by Ripplecoast: Killer Whales

Parks Canada: Plants and Animals of Point Pelee National Park

Curiosity Stream: When Did the First Flower Bloom?

Nature Scoop: Turtles, Jellyfish, Tarantula and more – Caring for Animals at the Museum

National Geography: Amazing Time-Lapse: Bees Hatch Before Your Eyes

Science: These big-brained birds may owe their smarts to long childhoods

Bird Language: Birds Songs

The Cornell Lab: How to Photograph Birds in Flight?

B.C. Parks Foundation: How to be a Wildlife Observer in B.C.?

B.C. Parks Foundation: How to Be a B.C Parks Citizen Scientist?

CBC: Volunteering in Northern B.C. - Wildlife Shelter Lacks to Care for Bear

Change: Preventing Damage from the Development of a Campground on Vaseux Lake 

2. International Wildlife News:

The Guardian: The U.K.'s Barn Owls Are Growing in Number! Thanks to Humans

The New York Times: New York is quiet. Listen to the birds! 

3. Webinars:

Pollinator Partnership: Habitat Restoration and Management Webinar Series

4. Educational Links for Families:

Nature Scoop: Learn How to Press Plants

Wildsite: Earth's 4 Spheres: Grades 4-7

The Cornell Lab: Virtual Bird Camp

West Coast Families: 6 Best Wildlife Live Streams to Watch Now

North Shore Bears: Bear Spray Tutorial 

5. Useful Apps:

            (a) Park Wildlife

            (b) Nature’s Notebook

            (c) iBird Lite Wildlife App

            (d) What’s Invasive App



CodeBlueBC : It’s a plan to secure and restore B.C.’s fresh water sources in 3 parts: (1) get tough on water wasters and polluters; (2) make big industrial users clean up and restore watersheds they’ve damaged; and (3) give locals the power and resources to restore and manage local water sources! Action and details for this are on the website at  


Connecting With Nature: Read their latest issue of Wild Impact and appreciate nature and each other!


 Summer News: Read their latest newsletter for info on snakes, wetlands, badgers, grasslands and more! 


Action to Stop Unfair Lawsuits: A Canadian silver mining company (First Majestic) is threatening to sue the Mexican government to avoid paying their fair share of taxes—and our own embassy is being asked to come to their defense. So please add your name to the call for a moratorium on FM! 


Court Confirms that NL Petroleum Board was Wrong to Extend Corridor Licence: Here's a more detailed account of the Ecojustice win that protects the St. Lawrence! 


Don’t Fear Government Debt From COVID-19: “[We must] tackle the urgent social and environmental challenges we face. We are rich enough not only to weather this crisis, but also to strengthen our public services and build a fairer and more equal Canada for the long-term!” To read this full article, go here.


Garden Tour / Fundraiser: Hi readers. I and my family (my mom, Donna Scott, and younger brother, Logan) were recently hit with a sudden and high medical expense; We need a new elevator, since I'm in a power wheelchair (as is my brother). it's too much for us to fund alone, so my mom struck on the idea of holding a small fundraiser / garden tour at our home in Coldstream (9502 Giles Dr.)! It's set for Sunday, August 2nd (from 2 pm – 6 pm), so please stop on by for a quick tour/mingle. It's quite a relaxing place! Social distancing rules will be followed and we'll be wearing masks. There will be free muffins and bottled water. Can't come? Then consider donating by safe bank e-payments to

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck 

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