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November 2020 Newsletter

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1. Circular Economy/Cradle to Cradle Economy: In preparation for a late November zoom discussion, please watch

a) one of these: "Circular Economy - Definition and Examples by Sustainability Illustrated.” (youTube) OR 'Circular Economy Explained: What it is and why it is important'--- for a good intro ---(7 mins)

b) AND one of these: "A World Without Waste" by Kate E. Brandt (2018).  OR Ted Talk by Harald Friedl 'Circular Economy: hacking a broken system while building a new future'. (22.44 min). 

Details to follow!


1.Farmers Markets: The Vernon Market manager is still awaiting the updated Public Health Order “ok” for a Nov 11 market and the weekly Friday markets. Please follow their Facebook, Instagram & website for Indoor Market updates. There will be COVID-19 protocols noted and a 30pg Safety Plan will be published on their website once they have the go-ahead. Much info is already on the COVID-19 tab on their website:

Vernon: Tentative - Fridays, starting November 27 11am – 3pm inside, Kal Tire Place, until March.

            Vernon: Tentative - A special November 11th Customer Appreciation Market indoors at Vernon Rec Centre.

            Lumby: Year-round, Monashee Food Co-Op (GMO/pesticide-free!), Shuswap Ave.

            Armstrong: Saturdays, 10 - 2 pm at Odd Fellows hall, Bridge St. for the Winter.

2. Beaver Habitat Opportunity: A BC company, Humane Solutions Inc. seeks a place to put beaver back into the wilds where they’re needed to stabilize ecosystems. If you have an ideal spot in mind, please contact:

And, check this out: 


1. YouTube Links:

(a) Tesla Solar Roof (100 Days After the Install)                     (b) Earth, Sand, and Straw Cob House

(c) Hempcrete Construction                                                     (d) Modern Cave House

(e) Massed Ducks Cleaning Rice Paddies 

2. Switching Your Bike to Electric: Check out the Swytch Kit!

3. Action: Naramata Old Growth Pine Forest Threatened by Development: Please sign this petition to protect this area from 300 + ‘Cookie-Cutter’ homes!

4. Food Waste Free? Try this program for November! How will you do?

5. 5G Is Harmful! New Hampshire Legislature recently formed a Commission to “study the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology”. The commission’s thirteen members had backgrounds in physics, engineering electromagnetics, epidemiology, biostatistics, occupational health, toxicology, medicine, public health policy, business, law and the telecommunication industry. The report was clear that “the type of RF-radiation generated by wireless devices can have a deleterious effect on humans, especially children, as well as animals, insects, and vegetation”

Only the member representing the Telecommunications Industry disagreed with the findings and the recommendations made in the report. Other information related to the commission can be found here.  The first 17 pages show conclusions and recommendations and encourage moving forward with the deployment of fiber optic cable connectivity, internal wired connections, and optical wireless to serve all commercial and public properties statewide.


1. Action: Climate Safe Homes in B.C. without Natural Gas: CAPE has launched a campaign to expose the problems with this fossil fuel. The campaign  received excellent press coverage in the Globe and MailRadio Canada International, and News 1130. If you haven't already, please pledge to switch to climate friendly all-electric homes!


1. Biannual Update: Check out The Activist, which contains important information about their chapter, projects, and campaign work!

2. Green Budget Coalition: The 25 members of this group have made recommendations to the federal government on strategic fiscal and budgetary opportunities. Details are here!

3, Plastics Ban: 6 types of harmful single-use plastics will be banned nation-wide by the end of 2021. Check the list of banned and not banned plastics here!

4. Government Funding of Nuclear Reactors: Numerous Canadian groups are challenging the government to provide data that support its decision to provide funding.  Read more here!


1. Spotted Owls in B.C.: Only 3 remain – they and their old growth habitat are still NOT protected. Read more here!

2. Glyphosate:  Ecojustice is challenging Health Canada’s refusal to review re-registration of glyphosate. Read more here!


1. World Hunger and Climate Goals: New research from IISD, IFPRI, and Cornell University reveals what we need to spend—and how—to solve the hunger crisis sustainably!

2. Sustainable Mining? An annual forum hosted by IGF will be open to the public—pull up a seat and dig into how mining is about to change!

3. Hydrogen as an Answer to Our Problems: It could meet up to 24% of our energy needs by 2050, but whether this is a good thing depends on many factors. Tune in to ISSD's virtual forum!

4.Sustainable Soybeans? NO! Less than 2% of soybeans are grown sustainably and producers are racing to meet escalating demand—but don't blame tofu lovers.

5. NanoSilver Damage to Fish: Microscopic silver particles added to athletic wear, condoms, and yoga mats are hurting fish: the Globe and Mail reports on ELA research.

6. Precautionary Principle- Help? Harm? Is it an essential tool in protecting our environment or a barrier to economic growth? Or both? Here's what we think.


1. Join NCC: Join the Small Acts of Conservation challenge and make a big impact for nature!


1. Newsletter: Check out their Update Newsletter for details on foreshore protection, our pointless Transmountain pipeline, Salmon Farms  vs Science, and their annual photo contest!

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck 

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