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February 2021 Newsletter

· Information contained in this newsletter may not imply approval by SENS directors.


1.Vernon’s Climate Action Plan: This plan, which many citizens have provided input on and has had much research included, will be presented to Vernon City council in March for approval. Here’s a more finalized Plan by City of Vernon Long Range Planner, Laurie Cordell. For ideas that will do a world of good and will also be good for you check Project Drawdown Table of Solutions on the web.

2. SENS Zoom Event: Planning is in the works for February…stay tuned!

3. SAR: A SENS director has written 2 letters to our MLA, Harwinder Sandhu, asking for “Species At Risk” legislation and making the connection with the damaging impact made by logging. 


1. Farmers Markets:             Vernon:  Fridays, 11 am – 3 pm inside, Kal Tire Place, until March.
                                                Lumby: Year-round, Monashee Food Co-Op (GMO/pesticide-free!), Shuswap Ave.
                                                Armstrong: Saturdays, 10 - 2 pm at Odd Fellows hall, Bridge St. for the Winter.

2. Butterfly Ways in Vernon:  Follow our SENS facebook page for how we are encouraging and helping local citizens to contribute to our local Pollinator Pathway Project.  You can also support the David Suzuki Foundations with their Butterfly Ranger Project. See details here!

3. Flag Awareness Climate Action: Small flags that represent Seaton Secondary students’ hopes and dreams for all our futures are attached to the Seaton school fence on 27th Street. Check this Global news story. Create your own bright and joyful climate hope flags, attach to the fence , take a flag selfie, and post! Let our mayor and council know that citizens young and old want their strong leadership in addressing climate change! No time to make a flag?  Send a Valentine to mayor and council (e.g. “We love Climate Action!”).

4. Connecting Okanagan Ecosystems: Check out the latest from the OCCP (Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program) here!

5. Yippee! BX Ranchlands will be protected from development:

6. Nanaimo Is Now A Doughnut City: This Time magazine article:   Could Amsterdam's New Economic Theory Replace Capitalism? | Time  explains how cities can restructure economics to provide all of us with the healthy, liveable ‘doughnut’ space between needs (food, water, shelter etc) and environment destruction (deforestation, dead oceans, pollution, etc) 


1. YouTube Links: (a) Neat Hobbit House : : b)Off grid in a Beautiful Yurt:

2. The Secret of Change: Watch this documentary and share! 

3. New Zealand's Audacious Effort to Save Unique Wildlife: According to this post, New Zealand aims to rid itself of invasive predators by 2050. Stoats are a non-native predator targeted in the push to protect wildlife. Success here could lead the way for other countries!

4. Vandana Shiva Interview:

5. Fibreshed: An idea that sets up a local textile economy - a whole systems approach to environmental and social realities of clothing. One woman chose, for a year, to only wear clothes made within 150 miles of her home. The producers and makers were there! In Ontario the UCFS – Upper Canada Fibreshed – is promoting this clothing ‘economy’ to avoid all the manufacturing ‘pollution’ of new jeans etc.

6. CBC's ‘Green’ Info: CBC puts out a weekly e-mail called What on Earth?  Find old issues of it here! It also airs on CBC Radio One on Sunday or any time on podcast or CBC Listen.   Last week’s:(a) Plastic Trash in Serbia: Check out the stunning drone footage; (b) Then read about Flexitarianism (same link); and (c) 7th Generation Thinking too!

The latest article notes that natural gas, due to its name, implies it’s ‘OK’ but, it is almost as dangerous as methane for creation of GHGs!

7. Alternatives Media: This magazine is put out 4 times yearly from the University of Waterloo and contains much food for thought…  articles on our world, books we should read, and much more! Subscribe here to show your support. Two recent articles:

            (a) Circular Fashion: This article looks at what’s going on with big brands!

(b) Ecological Restoration: “The key to remember here is simply - restore your green spaces so they are welcoming to a diversity of species in order to create functional ecosystems and promote sustainability!” To read it in full, go here.

8. Climate Offset Myths: 2050 as the goal year for achieving "net zero emissions"?  - too far in the future! If we don't press our government leaders to achieve more ambitious targets by 2025, we will consume our remaining carbon budget within a few years. Click to learn more! 


1. Action on Offshore Drilling: Ask for a moratorium! Here's the how and the why...

2. Canada Water Agency: The federal government will host policy forums on creating a Water Agency and invites input. Click here to see our guide and online form to email your submission. Regional Freshwater Forums for BC are Tuesday, Feb 16, 10 am– 3:45pm. Register here. 


1. Action: Open-net Salmon Farms: The federal decision needs our support! Please write.  Here’s the latest!

2. Podcasts: Join David as he investigates, over 5 episodes, the 5 basic elements of life starting with season 1 of The David Suzuki Podcast, 


1. Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA): It’s been over 20 years since it was last modernized. It no longer protects us from toxic pollution and chemicals that compromise our health! Dr MacDonald has been pushing for reform... Read her latest blog!


1. Biodiversity Hotspots: Researchers mapped  areas that provide Canadians with freshwater, recreation and carbon storage! BUT…


1. Green Recovery Coming Soon? Check this highlight reel of key developments in 2020 that bode well for a green recovery in future!

2. Agriculture Emissions: Check what other countries are doing to tackle emissions re: climate solutions!

3. Hydrogen Subsidies: Check ISSD'S latest blog post that breaks down the basics of how governments can do these right!

4. People First Projects: Check this new methodology from the UN that evaluates ‘build-back-better’ projects!

Co-Edited with Egan Mandreck

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