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Lavington Particulates Hearing

Mon, Feb 26, 9:00 am
Prestige Inn - 4411 32nd St
Tom Coape-Arnold of Lavington will be presenting to a quasi-judicial hearing his and others' concerns about emissions from the Lavington pellet plant. These particulates (PM2.5 - less than 2.5 microns in diameter) go deep into the lungs and present a health hazard, particularly for children, elderly, and people with respiratory problems.
Everyone concerned about air quality in Lavington, Vernon, Lumby and area is welcome to attend, to learn more about this issue and to show support for actions aimed at protecting public health and a clean environment.

He writes, "... here is a bit of information regarding my appeal of the Pinnacle air discharge permit amendment. Pinnacle Pellet received their first permit in 2015 and have been operating essentially 24/7 since. Three residents including myself appealled that original permit to the BC Environmental Appeal Board, and after two years of protracted procedural issues, we settled in a mediated settlement that required development of an air quality plan and continued air quality monitoring. The issue in lavington (and elsewhere including vernon) revolves around particulate matter (PM2.5 - matter less than 2.5 microns in diameter).   This material goes deep into the lungs and is a health hazard, particularly for children, elderly, and people with respiratory problems.   Since issuance of that first permit Pinnacle have been experiencing technical issues with their dryers (fire, condensation, corrosion). To ostensibly deal with this they applied for a permit amendment that would double their airflows.   In theory this allows them a doubling of their discharges to the airshed. The permit amendment was issued in July 2017, and I personally appealed it on several grounds but mainly that the increased loadings permitted were unnecessarily excessive. Since then, stack tests have been done which actually show a 4 times increase in particulate emissions. This simply reinforces my concerns - there is no safe level of PM2.5, and risk increases with concentration. Local air quality monitoring data need to be collected for some time to actually pick this up. The company is saying that they have solved the problem by building bigger stacks and increasing velocity to shoot the material farther up in the air and dilute it.

Anyway, the hearing starts on Monday Feb 26 at the Prestige Inn Vernon conference rooms at 9 AM. My understanding is that I present first, and I have a 100 page slide deck to present. Although this issue pertains mainly to Lavington and this local situation, SENS may have a more general interest in regional air quality. I would welcome all interested parties in the audience. It is a quasi-judicial hearing, akin to a court, so reasonably good behaviour is expected. It may go on for several days, but I certainly don't expect folks to be there for the duration. I am sparing you all the details, but I have more if anyone is interested.

Please feel free to send this to interested persons."

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