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Interests - Pro River Business Owners

Pro River Business Owners - LOWER Shuswap

Constituency Representatives —
Ron Stone UPPER River  Charles Ruechel LOWER River
Our constituency consists of business owners whose businesses directly support or are involved in non-motorized recreation, gear retailing, manufacturing, market gardens, farming, tourism, accommodation, consulting, outdoor education, outdoor leadership, outdoor adventure, nature retreats, and wild-crafting.
To some of these businesses, the river is a cornerstone. For all of these business owners, it is important that the health of the river and surrounding ecosystem be put first.


  1. Wilderness Experience - Our businesses depend on our clients’ ability to hear, see, touch, taste, and smell nature in its purest and most natural form. Our concern is that motorized recreation interferes with that ability in many ways, from habitat loss, streamside development, wildlife disturbance, pollution, odors, and noise.
  2. Safety - Of primary concern is the risk of being hit by a motorboat. From our perspective, any other safety measures such as motorized patrols, signs, buoys, etc. would serve to diminish the resource for our purposes more than they would protect the individual.

  3. Clean, Clear Water - Farm businesses depend on the river water to be free from pollutants and free from sediment (after the freshet) so that they can water their crops and livestock. Nature tour businesses depend on crystal clear water for pleasure and to view fish.

  4. Peace and Quiet - A wilderness experience is best enjoyed in the absence of motor noise, music, phones, etc. This is particularly important to businesses offering nature-based experiences for clients who participate to connect with themselves as well as the environment. This is also important to maintain peace for the workers and livestock of riverside farms.

  5. Harmonious River Use - We have an interest in resolving conflict among users so that our clients feel welcome on and around the river. Our fear is that conflict between users will spoil the experience of our clients.

  6. Intact Ecosystem - We have an interest in using the river environment as a classroom for teaching outdoor living skills, environmental ethics, natural history, ecology, paddling skills, leadership skills, teamwork, fishing skills, ethnobotany, wildcrafting skills, personal growth, and more. We require an intact ecosystem to do so.

  7. Sustainability - We have an interest in the creation of a river corridor for non-motorized recreation that is separated entirely from motorized vessels. Our fear is that motorized recreation will continue to spread to all easily-accessible public lands and waterways, leaving nowhere where people may have respite from the noise and pollution created by motorized vessels. We want to be able to promote the river for its ecological richness and intact wilderness for ecotourism and sustainable recreation, to have long-term protection of the aquatic and riparian ecosystems, and to restore lost habitat. This will ensure abundant wildlife for viewing and learning to fish.

  8. Enforceability - We have an interest in managing motorized vessels in a way that is easily enforceable and effective.

I will deliver updates of the process to my constituents through email, website, face-to-face, and by phone. I will also be discussing ideas with, and receiving feedback from, constituents by email, phone, and face-to-face conversations.
UPPER Shuswap: Ron Stone
LOWER Shuswap: Charles Ruechel 250-308-8924

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