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Interests - Swimmers, Responsible Floaters & Streamside Users - LOWER River

Constituency Representative: Jan Lacko <>
[Alt. Laura Jameson] <>

This interest group includes swimmers, snorkelers, responsible tubers and streamside users.


  1. The greatest interest is a safe experience in the River. Swimmers are not easily seen, particularly when swimming back and forth across the river. Snorkelers are the least visible of the swimmers. The safety risk is greatest with motorized watercraft using the same space. Swimmers do not usually wear lifejackets or have an efficient way to manoeuvre as quickly as paddlers to avoid danger.

  2. Another interest is to experience the natural state of the river with minimal disturbance. Parents and children, elders and adults want to enjoy wildlife (in the water, on land and in flight) and the natural beauty and peacefulness that the river can offer. It is a place to decompress from the stresses of life. Undue noise and compromised water quality due to unburned fuel and toxins significantly disrupt the experience.

  3. Using the River to swim, snorkel, float and enjoy the quiet of nature is affordable for all. This is an activity for everyone, regardless of income.

  4. The River, for many swimmers and frequent streamside users, is place to enjoy, take care of and protect. Many are passionate about the integrity of the River system and are deeply disturbed when witnessing damaging and unsafe activities.

Once you have read over and agree with the above Interest statements and agree that they represent your interests, you will be placed on our confidential list of constituents. We will endeavor to communicate pertinent information and solutions that are developing to you. If we need your input, we will communicate our proposed position (e.g., will we agree to the proposal or not) and ask for a reply within a timeframe. Non-reply will be taken as agreement.

By agreeing with the above Interests of Lower Shuswap Swimmers, Responsible Floaters & Streamside Users you grant us authority to act in your interests.

Jan Lacko & Laura Jameson

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