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Vernon Heronry Public Hearing

Mon, Sep 14, 5:30 pm
Vernon Recreation Center

blue heron with branch for nestThis is the second public hearing regarding the rezoning of the property at 5000 20th St., beside the Vernon Heronry. This is coming up again because Councillor Nahal brought new information forward from Scotland Constructors (a new surveyor’s report) which has resulted in a request that Council waive the rezoning application condition that a protective covenant be put on Scotland Constructors' title to protect the herons.  Since the original rezoning was granted ON THE CONDITION that a protective covenant be put on Scotland Constructor’s title, the rezoning will now have to be voted on a second time.  Whether or not there will be a covenant on title will also be decided. This requires Council to hear from the public again before deciding on the following two things:


  • Whether or not the property at 5000 20th St (beside the heronry) will be rezoned from Rural Small Holdings to Low Rise Apartment Residential
  • Whether or not a covenant must be registered on Scotland Constructors’ title to protect the adjacent Great Blue Heron colony during construction

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the Public Hearing and the rezoning because most Vernon residents think that the property has already been rezoned and that the birds are already protected by a covenant.  In fact, council deferred their decision about the rezoning and the covenant at a meeting on June 8, 2020 after receiving the new information.  The Covenant currently being considered is only a DRAFT covenant and its final contents may be decided by what Council hears from the public at the Sept. 14th Public Hearing. 

Jane Weixl on behalf of Rita Bos, Vernon Heronry Protection Society

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