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Fly your Flag for Climate Action

W.L.Seaton S.S.

The Climate Action Club at WL Seaton Secondary is inviting the community to join them with our Fly Your Flag for Climate Action event. Inspired by Budhist prayer flags, club members and others in the school community created small flags that represented their hopes and dreams for the world and their future in it.

Mindful that the city is engaged in a planning process to create a civic climate action plan, the Club wanted their flags to inspire leaders and the broader community to take bold climate action. Vernonites want to have a healthy world that will allow youth to grow and live full vibrant lives, but it won’t happen if some really big changes don't start now. Individuals, businesses, religious groups, service clubs, and non-profit agencies need to send a strong message to  the City that the time is now to commit to deep cuts in GHG emissions.

This holiday season, spend some time creating your own climate hope flags. Make them bright and joyful. If there are young folks in your bubble, work with them to create theirs too. The message area on the Seaton Club flags was about 15cm by 15cm with a triangular section above that was spit in two, which they use to tie the flags to the fence. The Club is planning to do another school push at the beginning of January, but you can attach your flag to the fence along 27th Street anytime you want. And why not take a selfie with your flag and post it to your social media platforms? The more people that join in this the better, for the mayor and city councillors to know that citizens young and old are ready for a city council that will demonstrate strong leadership in doing Vernon's part to address climate change!

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