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LWMP Report #2 - November 2011

This second update on the status of the LWMP follows on the first report done in September 2010. The purpose of the LWMP and its structure are explained in the first report.


There have been 3 meetings of the LWMP where SENS and other Local Advisory Members were invited. They occurred on:
July 20th, 2010
March 16th, 2011
November 9th, 2011

These 3 meetings complete stage I of the plan, meant to define the various options to be considered. The next step will be a "draft stage 2 report" prepared by Urban Systems Ltd. due to be available in January 2012.

SENS has continued to provide all LWMP participants with information on the problems associated with modern sewage and the alternative technologies that exist to turn "wastes" into "resources". These technologies greatly reduce the pollution associated with residues of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors now found in treated effluent and biosolids.

Urban Systems then asked SENS to produce a short report on alternative systems thereafter referred to as "Ecological Sanitation" and give examples of how they could be used. You can see the report in "A New Paradigm".


The best and perhaps only way to get "ecological sanitation systems" implemented would be to choose a pilot project and do a comparative cost and benefit analysis between traditional and ecological systems. Urban Systems will explore the feasibility of such a pilot project in the city of Vernon. Expect an update on this by the end of January.

Huguette Allen.

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