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S.E.N.S. Projects

Community Contributions:

Public education so incineration is not in NORD’s Waste Reduction Plans.

Panels or speakers most months, educating on a variety of sustainable environment topics.

Establishing a fall leaf exchange event which is now a City program.

Developing & coordinating an organic community garden program; also trained 12 unemployed youth about sustainable gardening, composting and environmental practices.

Supporting formation of a local Environmental Advisory Committee.

$20,000 generated to create pesticide alternatives, solar/alternative energy, and smart growth displays.

Ran a “Changing Lanes” Project, with Federal funding and many local donations to provide transportation alternatives – was sponsored until taken over by the City in 2009.

* Until June/06 piloted a ”One Tonne Challenge” Project to encourage behaviour change on global warming, to save money, improve physical well being, and make one’s life climate friendly!

* Lead supporter for “Wheels For Change”, a Nelson–Victoria cycling tour (July, 2007) that asked for action on climate change from municipal, provincial and federal officials.

* Active contributions to Xerindipity Gardens, Greater Vernon Cycling Advisory Cttee, Vernon’s Official Community Plan and NORD’s Regional Growth Strategy.

* Action on “” yearly.

* Initiating annual Seed Swaps, educational EnviroFairs & local Transition Town Planning.

* Sponsored Bee S.A.F.E. movement started in Lumby / Cherryville area.

Future projects wish-list:

Quality of life improvements such as

  • pesticide bylaws
  • green taxes initiatives
  • building bylaws
  • reducing waste water using eco-sanitation principles
  • building local food economies based on an agriculture that is safe for us and bees
  • public transport review
  • alternate energies
  • greenways
  • environmental mapping
  • Swan Lake wetlands park
  • waste reduction job creation through education
  • one-stop recycling
  • and apartment recycling.

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