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Sustainable/Green Housing

Sat, Apr 7, 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Okanagan College Theatre - 7000 College Way

Find out about the latest ideas, technologies and costs in having homes with a smaller ecological footprint, from speakers on Tiny Houses, energy conservation advice, socially sustainable housing and more!.

Tickets at the door $15. All proceeds help the Canadian Federation of University Women - Vernon to fund two $1500 scholarships every year for local college students.


Peter Matheson — a tiny house builder from Grand Forks who convinced council to allow/zone a tiny house village there.

Nick Watson — an energy advisor who does blower tests on homes to rate their energy efficiency and uses software to recommend changes in wall assemblies and windows, etc. in order to improve energy efficiency.

Denise Kenney — a UBCO prof with a documentary on Kelowna’s Ethel Laneway House. Denise will facilitate a conversation about not only environmental sustainability but social sustainability as well. The Ethel Laneway home never achieved certification as a Living Challenge Building, but the documentary helps to explain why that was so difficult.

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