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Interests - Non-motorized Watercraft Enthusiasts - UPPER River

Constituency Representative: Barbara Fresz 250-306-6762 <>
We are a diverse community of paddlers, using non motorized watercrafts of all different kinds. These could be canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, pedal boats or any other moving, non motorized vessel. Our recreational activity is to experience the river at its natural pace and in a quiet, low impact and respectful manner.


  1. Safe Paddling Experience - On the upper Shuswap natural obstacles such as log jams and a winding river with poor line of sight already propose challenges for a recreational paddler, so adding a moving object will make it very difficult for any paddler and will deter novice paddlers from seeking out the Shuswap River for a recreational experience.
  2. Quiet Wilderness Experience - With no industry or city noise, the upper Shuswap is a natural, quiet space to recreate and reenergize. Non motorized movement on the river blends in with the natural flow and sounds of the river, so it allows for wildlife sightings along the way.

  3. Space to Paddle – Since the upper Shuswap is quite narrow and windy, sharing the river with motorized boats and the waves they produce is a problem for paddlers and takes away from the experience.

  4. Clean & Clear Water - The Shuswap is one of very few rivers with clean and very clear water, which we would like to protect from contamination such as gasoline and oil, and sediment disturbances, caused by motorized vessels.

  5. Equal Rights - At this point most Canadian waters are open to motorized use, but very few are reserved for non-motorized use. Our interest is that the upper Shuswap river become a sanctuary for non-motorized, low impact recreation, such as paddling.

I will communicate with my constituents primarily through email reports, and receive feedback by phone and email from my constituents.
Barbara Fresz

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