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Mabel Lake Community

Born and raised in Montreal, I moved to BC in 2002 in order to be closer to my two sons and their families. My work as a systems analyst and business consultant made it possible to continue working with clients in Quebec while establishing contacts locally.

My “can do” attitude is complemented by an innate ability to grasp what is most important in a situation. I attribute my career and life successes to a logical approach, a high level of energy, a positive attitude, and a strong desire to communicate effectively.

My environmental awakening occurred several decades ago when I realized that the lake I lived near contained heavy metals resulting from industries I myself encouraged. This led to the realization that the socio-economic world in which I lived encouraged lifestyles that were bound to be destructive in the long term. I started looking for solutions that would contribute to building a healthier world for the next generations.

I contribute to a sustainable economic development wherever I live. While living on the Gaspé coast, I sat on economic councils where I represented the environmental interests of my municipal region. Since arriving in BC, I developed the proposal for the Lumby Salmon Trails that brought $340,000 from a federal program to build interpretive trails along Lumby's salmon creeks.

As an active grandmother, I speak out against destructive practices that privatize profits while socializing deficits. I believe people are tired of seeing more money thrown at problems caused by a degraded environment and now see the Green Party as the party that has the will and the way to integrate the economy and the environment. “People want a party that will instill laws and practices that make us feel good about what we do rather than guilty of mortgaging the future of our children.”

Career History

Starting as a computer programmer with Northern Telecom in 1977, I progressed to senior management in 1985, then worked with a community college where I designed and led computer training programs until 1993. I then moved to the Gaspé coast and lived on a 100 year old farm running Elderhostel programs as well as Computer and Circus camps for children, and giving computer and business courses in various training institutions.

1977-1986: Northern Telecom

Started as computer programmer for manufacturing applications, progressed to systems analyst and coordinator and became department manager. I was responsible for a staff of 35 and also contributed to the Career Planning and Training guide used by all divisions of Nortel. My contributions included developing different career paths and evaluating various training programs.

As senior marketing operations manager, I coordinated efforts among Engineering, Manufacturing, Accounting and Marketing and was responsible for a staff of 50, including 5 managers. I developed and presented a 5 year plan for Northern Telecom's A&R Division that was accepted by all departments and implemented successfully.

1986-1993: John Abbott College

As Continuing Education Program Manager I designed and led computer programs and placed graduates in industry. I also managed the John Abbott Computer Day Camp from 1986 to 1993.

Developed budgets, promotion plans and marketing strategies for all programs. Recruited clients, hired and evaluated Consultants and Instructors. Revenues for the programs went from $350,000 to $600,000 per year in 6 years.

1993-Now: Imagine-Ere Consulting - Co-Founder and Director.

Designed and implemented criteria for evaluating Business Plans, training business owners, and allocating business start-up funds for the Band Office and the Listuguj Mi'gmaq Development Centre.

Developed a document detailing the problems underlying poor school attendance among teenagers, implemented solutions to remedy the problems including a "career camp" where teens experienced how various skills contribute to different careers, and how schooling relates to the skills they consider important to their career goals.

Developed and taught numerous training programs, school curricula, as well as computer courses for the Listuguj Mi'gmaq Training Centre, the Gesgapegiag Band Office, the Wejgwapniag school, and the post-secondary College in Carleton. Trained teachers as well as adult students.

Designed and led a Elderhostel Holidays and Computer & Circus Camp for children that provided summer jobs for 12 people in an area renowned for high unemployment. Circus instructors came from the National Circus School. In 1999, the camp was featured on CBC's "On the Road Again".

Developed proposals and performed evaluations of educational programs for the Whitevalley Community Resource Center in Lumby and conducted a comprehensive study of training needs related to non-profit organizations in the North Okanagan Columbia Shuswap region for United Way.

Developed the SICEAI proposal for the "Lumby Salmon Trails" project and coordinated the development of interpretive information and signs. The marketing plans included the creation of numerous complementary businesses aimed at various types of clienteles.

Committee & Community Involvement

  • Vice-president of Environnement Vert-Plus, a regional environmental group.
  • President of Regional Environmental Council on the Gaspé Coast
  • Represented private sectors on various environmental issues as well as on the regional school board.
  • Representative of the Gaspé region's environmentalists on the Board of Governors of the Local Development Committee.
  • Director of SENS (Sustainable Environmental Network Society).
  • Co-founder of FOREST (Friends Of Responsible Ecological Sustainable Timber).
  • Co-founder and spokesperson for SLAMSS (Sugar Lake And Middle Shuswap Stewards).
  • Salmon Trails Committee founder and member.
  • Designed and led movement and language activities for young children aged 3-5 in Lumby.
  • Co-founder and spokesperson for BeeSAFE (Supporting Agriculture & a Food Economy)


  • Psychology – since studying psychology at Concordia University in mid 80s I continue to read psychological works relating to developmental psychology.
  • Drawing and oil painting.
  • Writing (mostly environmental essays) and Reading.
  • Walking and Fitness classes.

Electoral History

  • Ran as Federal Green Party Candidate in 2008 where the increase in green votes was the highest in all 308 ridings in Canada except for the leader's riding! Huguette obtained 17.3% of the vote compared to 4% in the last election.

  • Ran as Provincial Green Party Candidate in 2009 and also obtained 17% of the vote.

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