Movie - Transition Towns 2.0

Thu, May. 10, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

Recently released film, Transition 2.0, takes us on an inspiring tour of 20 Transition initiatives in 15 countries worldwide – with zero flights!

You'll hear about communities printing their own money, growing food, localising their economies and setting up community power stations.

It's an idea that has gone viral, a social experiment that is about responding to uncertain times with solutions and optimism.

This will be followed by a public discussion seeking YOUR vision for Greater Vernon in the year 2030, after a successful transition to sustainability.

This event takes place at the Schubert Centre at 7 pm on Thursday, May 10.

Sponsored by Vernon in Transition – an initiating group with a vision of Greater Vernon as a resilient, low-energy community, with a healthy, vibrant local culture and economy.

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