April Monthly Meeting - All Candidates Forum

Thu, Apr. 25, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

Environmental forum for all Vernon-Monashee election candidates, moderated by Pete McIntyre.

Click the Attachment to see the questions to be posed by S.E.N.S. and the candidates' answers.


7:00 PM - A SENS director (Huguette):

  1. Introduced evening's MC Pete McIntyre as well as the 4 candidates present, thanking them for participating;
  2. Told audience that candidates have already been asked questions, and their answers are posted on wall at back — posters will also be at Performing Arts on April 29;
  3. Told audience about the topics that were asked of candidates ahead of time by the SENS;
  4. Gave a 5 minute presentation so that the candidates will understand what is meant by:  Precautionary Principle, Climate change latest info, water in the Okanagan latest info, GM crops and pesticide impacts' latest info, Sewage costs and info

7:15: Pete took over and explained rules of the evening:

1)  each question can either be read or given to Pete to read - should be clear and to the point - and take no more than 1 minute to ask
2)  a person may query a candidate but be respectful - no verbal abuse
2 ) each question should specify if it is for all 3 candidates or specific ones
3)  candidates were given 4 cards each to be used as rebuttals or answers to questions not asked of them directly
4)  all answers from candidates must take no more than 1 min each and be to the point
5)  the MC asked candidates to introduce themselves and inform the public as to how their environmental actions and beliefs will affect their actions if elected - also will they toe the party line or act according to their beliefs on environment and the wishes of their constituents? each candidate to take no more than 3 minutes each

7:30 or so : Pete started taking questions:

8: 50 - Pete thanked candidates and participants  and closed the evening.

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