New S.E.N.S. Web Site !

You are visiting the new version of the S.E.N.S. web site. Same URL, different format.

We're using Drupal, a free, open-source Content Management System. The point is, if there's a feature you think this site ought to have, there is very probably a way to implement it. Let us know.
If you do not have a username and password for this site, and if you'd like to contribute site content, Create a new Account.

Once logged in, you can have your own blog. But most people don't want a blog. If you did, you'd already have one; it's that easy nowadays.

But Blog is just one of the many content types available. For example, we can solicit information from our viewers using the Poll content type. And the Event content type has several appearances in different formats, all with the same entry.
Events appear in the site's community calendar, laid out in familiar grid pattern either monthly, yearly, weekly or daily, as the viewer prefers.
Who needs another community calendar you might ask? Well, for SENS purposes, Events can also alert viewers to key dates by being given prominence on the front page. There is also an Upcoming list, which features events due to occur within the next week or so.
btw, I'm entering this text into the same editor you'd be using if you contribute content. It looks kind of like Word, or Open Office. Here's the display of icons it has, if you want to be fancy with the content.
CKEditor in Wysiwyg module

We don't have most of the data transferred from the old site. It's still there, but you have to know how to locate it. Phone us at 250-547-0272 for questions.