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Building a Local Food Economy

Local food economies are enriching the lives of urban and rural communities and adding millions of dollar$ per year to local economies.

Juva, Finland's doing it, Vancouver and the Kootenays are doing it, and now there are exciting new initiatives happening in our own communities.  In 2008 sixty countries backed by the world bank and most un bodies called for radical changes in world farming - That report took 400 scientists 4 years to complete – and they warned that “we must develop agriculture that is less dependent on fossil fuels, favours the use of locally available resources and explores the use of natural processes such as crop rotation and use of organic fertilizers.”

They made it clear that building local food economies is necessary in order to avert regional food shortages, escalating food prices and growing environmental problems.

A newly formed group in Lumby and area (Lumby, area D and Cherryville) has been formed to build a local SAFE food economy in those communities. They want to promote food that is safe for bees and all beings, food that is produced without GMO seeds and without pesticides. Their plans are to provide education by showing films that relate to this subject, to create a network of contacts with other communities that have already become GMO free and to connect people with the same vision. They welcome others with like-minded vision to join them by contacting Jane Emlyn at

For information on films and events related to this, please see the events posted on this site.




Does anyone know where I can purchase heritage grain (barley, wheat) and alfalfa seed? I want to seed 40 acres at my place and a friend of mine wants to do the same at his place in Enderby.