Q1 Liberal

The Liberal platform for Real Change for Canada’s environment and economy can be found in the backgrounder at: a-new-plan-for-canadas-environment-and-economy.pdf.

As an environmentalist who has been engaged in a number of initiatives in the riding, I am pleased with the platform. It is both specific and “doable” and has received significant support. I urge everyone who is concerned about the environment to read the platform.

Recently the Dutch parliament voted to ban the sale and use of glyphosate-based herbicides for non-commercial use in the country. That means that people will no longer be able to spray RoundUp on their lawns and gardens and instead will have to find another means of pest control. However, the ban in the Netherlands does not apply to agricultural use.

I am aware of, and concerned by, the study by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer which analyzed data from studies that have been conducted on the glyphosate for the past couple of decades.

All government decisions must be based on sound science, including decisions on the use of glyphosate in commercial and non-commercial applications.
A Liberal government would:

  • revoke rules and regulations that muzzle government scientists and allow them to speak freely about their work;
  • consolidate government science so that it is available to the public at large, through a central portal; and
  • create a Chief Science Officer whose mandate would include ensuring the above and that scientific analyses are appropriately considered when the government makes decisions.

On a related matter, concerns have been raised by consumers and some of Canada’s trading partners about cross-contamination of GMOs with non-GMO and organic crops, threatening the survival of the latter. The effects of cross-contamination on the survival of non-GMO and organic crops must be addressed in a manner that effectively balances the needs of farmers, trading partners and consumers.

A Liberal government would place a moratorium on the approval of Roundup-Ready Alfalfa until a comprehensive study is completed on its impact on non-GMO and organic strains.