Q2 Liberal

As a life-long resident of the riding and having acted as a lawyer for many farmers and ranchers in the area, I am aware of the challenges faced by local producers.

It comes down to a question of food security which has not been a priority of the Harper government. Not only is Canada the only nation in the developed world without a national food strategy, the Harper Conservatives have made deep cuts to food inspection and food safety. Without leadership from the top, there will come a time when Canadians can’t trust the food that’s in grocery store shelves.

During the last election, the Liberal Party presented Canadians with a comprehensive food policy for Canada that would increase access to healthy, affordable food, while also building social and economic opportunities in rural Canada. A Liberal government would work consultitavely with community groups, provincial and territorial governments, Aboriginal organizations and producers to develop and implement a national food policy.

Recently Mr. Trudeau has re-affirmed a Liberal government’s support for supply management and will ensure that any future trade deals do not erode the present regime.

As MP I would work to foster small-scale farming. I envision this riding becoming better known for its local food production. We have a number of very high quality agricultural producers already leading the way. We need a champion in Ottawa.