Q2 New Democrat

The NDP launched a comprehensive pan-Canadian food and agriculture strategy in 2011 called “Everybody Eats”.

The strategy comes out of a 2011 election platform and is the culmination of three years of outreach and consultations with farmers and stakeholders. It is the first food strategy to be released by any federal political party.

The NDP strategy puts forward practical policies to ensure that everyone eats well (is food secure), that our agricultural communities are sustainable for generations to come, and that Canadian products find growing markets at home and abroad. We start from the principle that food is a fundamental human right.

Working with the provinces and territories, our strategy lays out a vision to strengthen our food system and support local food production in the promotion of food sovereignty.

Conservatives are taking our agricultural sector for granted and are not taking leadership when it comes to health, sustainability, and transparency in our food production system.

The NDP will:

  • Ease entrance barriers for new and young agrarians.
  • Impose a moratorium on new genetically modified crops
  • Support local agriculture and sales of locally-produced food.
  • Invest in public research as the core of agricultural innovation.
  • Support the agricultural sector as a major contributor to job creation and our national economy.