Q3 Liberal

Forest management is under provincial jurisdiction. However, as with other environmental challenges under the jurisdiction of the Provinces, the Federal government must be prepared to sit down with First Ministers to work together. History has shown that Canada works best when all orders of government work together to solve problems that matter to Canadians.

The Federal government has a role to play in innovation and competiveness and securing access to international markets. As we have seen in forestry and other sectors, markets are demanding environmental stewardship.

Canada’s natural resource sectors can be world leaders in innovation and sustainability – and the federal government can help. We will invest $200 million more annually to create sector-specific strategies that support innovation and clean technologies in the fisheries, mining, energy, agricultural and forestry sectors. These strategies will be developed in collaboration with the private sector, government, and research institutions, with the objective of producing real innovations that can be deployed in our natural resources sectors, commercialized, brought to scale, and exported.

A Liberal government will work to better protect Canada’s endangered species. This means responding faster to scientific advice on listing species, meeting mandatory timelines for responding to Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) recommendations and completing a robust species at risk recovery plans.