Q3 Green

In order to maintain health and resilience, forests must be diverse.

The best path to an economically and environmentally sustainable forestry sector requires getting as much value as possible from our forests, something that is enhanced by the diversity that is only found in the natural forests that arise to fill the specific ecological niches in this country. Shipping raw logs, supporting monoculture in replanting and sacrificing value add industries in trade deals are three things we currently do that do not support diversity, both in our forests and in our economy.

The boreal is under attack, primarily due to climate change. Pine beetle and wildfire are two consequences of a warming planet. Reducing emissions is the only path to protecting this forest.

The Green policy platform is thin on specifics on this issue. It leaves considerable latitude for an MP to work with First Nations, the communities involved, and provincial and territory governments towards solutions that protect ecosystem integrity and biodiversity, while enhancing local social and economic initiatives.