Q3 New Democrat

Naturally-occurring ecosystem services provided by the Boreal forest, such as carbon storage and water filtration, are worth 2.5 times more than the value of extracting resources such as minerals and timber. The Boreal forest houses 25% of the world’s remaining original forests. It is Canada’s largest ecosystem, covering 58 per cent of the country.

New Democrats believe in sustainable development principles as set out by the Brundtland Commission that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” New Democrats believe Canada needs conservation planning in the Boreal and across the country that not only meets our domestic and international targets, but strives to exceed them.

We need a Federal Government that will identify and report on any significant gaps in monitoring of the sustainability of Canadian forests. We need to invest increased resources for research on potential cumulative impacts to the sustainability or our forests, including the potential value of Canadian forests in mitigating climate change impacts.

Across British Columbia we have lost dozens of forestry mills and thousands of good paying wood and forestry jobs due to the Conservative’s years of neglect of British Columbia’s forestry sector and their “rip-and-ship” mentality. New Democrats believe in getting the most value and the most jobs for British Columbians out of the logs harvested here. We're committed to working with the province and First Nations to reduce raw log exports, investing in forestry innovation and R&D, while promoting Canadian value-added wood products in Canada and abroad.