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Bee SAFE visits GreenhousesBee SAFE Accomplishments:

Like a tiny seed, it began as an idea that grew and blossomed into something big.  The Bee S.A.F.E. movement, although still young, is not just alive, but flourishing.  It is hard to believe that only 4 months have passed since the Bee S.A.F.E. office, sponsored by SENS (Sustainable Environment Network Society), threw open its doors to enthusiastic supporters.  The brainchild of Huguette Allen, Jane Emlyn,  and Carla Vierke  Bee S.A.F.E.  has been an active and welcome addition to Lumby and surrounding area.  With the work of some stalwart volunteers and the support and endorsement of the people in the area and beyond, Bee S.A.F.E. has accomplished much, but not nearly as much as it plans to do over the next few months! Read it all here.

Once the seed was planted the organizers worked quickly to grow their idea.   In a surprisingly short period of time they established office space, developed informational material and fundraising ideas, planned activities, and reached out to the community.  
The sale of the now familiar “no GMO” signs was one of the fund raising proposals and it has proven to be very successful.  So far over 300 signs have been sold and over 40 area residents have come in to the Bee S.A.F.E. office to colour in their properties as GMO free.  If you haven't come in yet, please do! Mason bee houses, generously donated by Will Gutzke, have also sold well.  And, local organic seeds provided by Morgan Price and Ron Thomas of Greenstone Farm and Tom Vangement  were snapped up.  
A number of free workshops have been offered including topics such as seed- planting, mason bees, and permaculture.  In addition, a number of local gardeners have graciously invited interested participants to their green houses and gardens to share a wealth of information.   The Bee S.A.F.E. movement has been a presence at the Enderby Seed Sale, various environmental film activities, the Lumby Chamber of Commerce display and Lumby Days.  Anyone wanting to know more about Bee S.A.F.E. or about sustainable gardening has only to consult local expertise.  Bee S.A.F.E. puts out a regular newsletter with a readership of 340.  As well, Huguette Allen writes a regular column in Country News, and Jane Emlyn writes a gardening column for the Lumby Valley Times.   Bee S.A.F.E. is also now happily sharing office space with the Monashee Arts Council.
The future looks likes even brighter.  In addition to continuing with the present activities, the Bee S.A.F.E. group is busy working on ideas for more fundraising, partnering with other groups and offering more workshops.  We are also very excited about a Bee S.A.F.E. boutique offering local organic bee related products and other local organic goods. Drop in often to see all that is on offer.
When all is said and done the greatest contribution of Bee S.A.F.E. may be how it has raised awareness of the issue of GMOs and getting the community, whatever their opinion, to talk about it.  

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Book a Workshop or a Tour: Contact Bee SAFE to:

  • learn how to grow food even if all you have is a little space 

  • recognize safe and unsafe seeds, and solve problems without chemicals 

  • get in touch with others to share skills, tools & equipment to grow, process, or prepare local food

  • get seasonal menus and recipes based on local affordable ingredients to keep more of our food dollar$ local

  • attend a workshop to learn how to store, preserve, prepare local seasonal food, compost wastes, save seeds

  • need help planning a business related to building our rural economy? book time with our business analyst who will help you get started free of charge!

Let's grow local! Every dollar spent locally has 3 times the impact of a dollar spent globally!