Less guilt, more Action!


There is undeniable proof that pesticides are harmful.  Organophosphates are linked to ADHD. Glyphosates are linked to birth defects, cancers and deaths of livestock. Nicotinoids are linked to the global bee crisis and are now banned in the EU.

Weeds and insects have now built tolerance to these pesticides so now chemical companies want to bring stronger, banned chemicals such as agent Orange back on the market while Monsanto is genetically engineering soy and corn seeds so they will survive applications of 2,4-D, a major component of agent Orange. 

Pesticides and GMO are issues that CAN NO LONGER be ignored. Bee SAFE can provide you with documentation so you can inform others about the dangers of these poisons and how to avoid them. We also give presentations on request. Contact us to book a presentation on GMO, pesticides, chemical-free farming or any related subjects at 778-473-3029 or info@beesafemonashees.org


GM alfalfa could mean the end of organic as shown in this short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlbtIEVF77Q

TO STOP GM alfalfa: http://www.cban.ca/Resources/Topics/GE-Crops-and-Foods-Not-on-the-Market/Alfalfa

STOP GM salmon: http://www.cban.ca/Resources/Topics/GE-Fish

STOP GM pig: http://www.cban.ca/Resources/Topics/Enviropig

SENS has actively campaigned local government, as well as provincial and federal government representatives to become GE-Free for years. We have given private and public presentations and handed MP Colin Mayes written bills urging him to present them in the house of commons. We have given RDNO directors as well as various mayors and councils motions that would make it public they do not welcome GM crops in their community. None of this has yet been done which is why we felt we had to start the Bee SAFE movement.

You can help by sending your mayor and council, your MLA and your MP, an email telling them you understand the dangers associated with GM crops and urging them to please act in their capacity as elected leader to rid your community of these crops. Please copy BeesafeMonashees@gmail.com so we can keep track of the support for GMO free communities.

Local Action against Pesticides:

RDNO is developing a pest management plan that covers the whole of the North Okanagan using Cultural, Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical methods to control noxious weeds. The draft pest management plan can be viewed at the office or online at www.rdno.ca

Chemicals include 2-4-D and glyphosates, both which have been proven harmful to our health, wildlife and the environment. These chemicals invariably end up in waterways killing insects, fish, amphibians... and have not proven to be effective in the long run since weeds develop resistance to them, always requiring stronger pesticides resulting in a no-win battle.
There are better ways to get rid of those weeds while creating local employment by omitting chemicals and using mechanical methods. Please contact John Friesen (RDNO Weed Control Officer ) at 250 550-3749   or by email at john.friesen@rdno.ca  and let him know that you disapprove of chemical methods.
Act Now and make a difference.

Supporting Bee SAFE is the most effective way to protect ourselves against local GMO crops and pesticides. Please volunteer or donate if you can. Every dollar helps. Bee SAFE can issue income tax receipts for your donations because we are sponsored by SENS, a registered charity.

You can send one, or many postdated checks (made out to Bee S.A.F.E) to Box 1104, Lumby, BC, V0E 2G0. If cash is your preferred method you can call Jane Emlyn at 250-547-9460 and drop it off at 1951 Maple St. Lumby.

Bee SAFE is entirely staffed by volunteers and financially supported only by our dollars.  To volunteer, email huguette.allen@gmail.com – Bee SAFE is entirely run by volunteers.