Donating to Bee SAFE is the most effective way to protect ourselves against local GMO and pesticides. Please donate whatever you can. Bee SAFE is entirely staffed by volunteers and financially supported only by our dollars. Every dollar helps.

You can send one or many postdated checks (made out to Bee S.A.F.E) to
Bee S.A.F.E, Box 1104, Lumby, BC, V0E 2G0. If cash is your preferred method you can call Jane Emlyn at 250-547-9460 and drop it off at 1951 Maple St. Lumby.

To volunteer or find out more, email

Together we can create healthy communities, one garden at a time.

Hello Friends: I am considering a donation, which I am told would be tax-deductable through S.E.N.S. My question is how much of a $500. would end up in the pockets of Lumby Bee SAFE?  DB.