At Bee SAFE we try to make it easy and fun for everyone to grow safe food and to plan seasonal menus based on local foods. If you need or have equipment, products, skills you can share or trade with others, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

For example, honey extractors, juicers, oil presses, are costly equipment we can share in our own communities. We also have Bee Safe supporters who can teach how to make your own cheese and yogurt, how to preserve vegetables and fruits, how to save your own seeds. Some need help to garden while others have time and skills but need land. By putting people in touch with others, we want to help create a strong local food economy that benefits all who believe in a safe agriculture.

If you have organic products or services that could benefit from a presence in our office, let us know and perhaps we could help by displaying or using your products in our workshops.

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