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SENS Event

Event presented by the Sustainable Environment Network Society

May Monthly Meeting - FUEL - The Movie +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

The S.E.N.S. apologizes for the malfunction of the equipment intended to project this documentary. The audio was too weak with the first computer tried, and then we couldn't get the second computer to display on the projector.

April Monthly Meeting - All Candidates Forum +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

Environmental forum for all Vernon-Monashee election candidates, moderated by Pete McIntyre.

Fracking & Climate Change +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

50 people gathered Wednesday evening to hear why action is urgently needed to curb the use of fracking technology to produce liquified natural gas.​

March Monthly Meeting, AGM, Seed/Plant Swap & Sale, Presentations +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

Last year at this time, 160 people filled the salon of the Schubert Centre in Vernon to swap or buy seeds, and to listen to sobering news about GMO products as well as a peppy introduction to the concepts of Permaculture. With increasing interest in home-grown food, this year's event should have been popular again.

Perhaps Easter weekend beginning the next day made people too busy. Maybe the early spring meant everyone had planted already !;o)

Presentations focused on gardening tips, as well as more information on GMO.

Exec Meeting +  

Bean Scene - 2923 30th Ave

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February Monthly Meeting - Water +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

Dr. John JanmaatWater: How Much in Future?

Dr. John Janmaat, Water Research Chair, UBC-O, spoke about aquifer loss and groundwater changes in the face of population increases and climate change.